The apartment is on the ground floor or in the past? What to choose?

The downsides here are many. First and foremost I want to say about cons apartments on the first floor. In this housing is very easy to get the thieves through the window. Of course, you can put the bars, but then you personally would be uncomfortable to live in this apartment, because you’ll feel like in a prison, and it is going to depress you daily. All the faces of sewage will flow just on the first floor. But besides all that here in the summer normally do not open the window because the sounds from the drunk companies, as well as dust from the cars that pass by will get you into the living room and to create uncomfortable living conditions.

Of course the last time they started the practice to buy living space on the ground floor for the deployment of offices and commercial properties. But not every apartment is suitable for such purposes, tell the experts of the company «Prime development», after all traders it is very important that this property was not far from a mass congestion of people because these are all potential clients.

Considering the advantages of an apartment on the first floor, mention should be made of the add-square meters due to the fact that you self-build the balcony, which can be of considerable size. This construction of course requires permission, but in the end you will have the ability to quite significantly increase your square footage for a minimal fee.

The apartment is on the top floor – profitable or not?

The apartment on the top floor is also not very good live. As practice shows, the roof is often leaking, but our officials a very long time will provide you. In order to install Windows or to insulate the facade on the top floor, you will need to involve specialists who know how to perform high-altitude work. In the end, you may lose not only the comfort but also a possible repair which was quite a lot of money. Also in summer, the apartments on the upper floors is hot and winter is cold. And if you imagine that the Elevator can break and then you have a lot of floors to walk. But if you will be in the hands of bags or furniture? Then you three hundred times curse the fact that you live on the top floor.

The only pluses of the apartment on the last floor is that the noise from passing cars and drunken on a bench under the porch you will not be disturbed. The air here is much cleaner because there is no unnecessary dust and a minimum of harmful exhaust gases.

As a result, I want to say that if the housing is private and you have no choice where to live on any floor, it is possible to arrange normal conditions for life. The main desire and aspiration to make their life more comfortable and enjoyable.

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