The annuity contract with a lifetime maintenance — the benefits for single seniors

The annuity contract with a lifetime maintenance - the benefits for single seniors

The annuity contract with a lifetime maintenance can be a very good offer for single seniors. In modern conditions to live on a pension is almost impossible and the possibility of obtaining additional income and assistance for many can be the only option to live a retirement in dignity.

Old age for many people these days seem to be oppressive and terrifying for its poverty and helplessness. Low pensions and the almost complete neglect of the problems of pensioners from the public administration forced the elderly to work for any available work even after retirement age. Well, if in this age you have kept good health or you have children that can take care of you, but what a lonely sick people? In this case, salvation can be a design of life annuity contract with such companies, as «national Guild of professional payers of rent», the activity of which is regulated by article 602 of the civil code.

NGPPR is an organization that for more than seven years working with retirees, helping them to enter into annuity contracts under which they get a monthly fee of not less than two times the minimum wage for the rest of his life in exchange for the transfer of ownership of their homes. In this case, the concept of rent can be seen as selling a house or flat in long-term interest-free installments. Benefits from such cooperation, both sides gain: the owner of the property in the form of rent and the company in the form of the property after his death. Of course, bitter experience of frauds and deceptions, our pensioners a hard time agreeing to those deals, fearing to be deceived and weakened, but the company is regulated by the legislation and being followed not only by those who have already signed such agreements, but also state regulatory authorities. Also a big plus could be the feedback and words of gratitude to the many pensioners who for several years paid rent. Many of them due to these funds not only favorably exist, but they do repairs, traveling and being treated.

Director of the company «national Guild of professional payers of rent» is Fursov Anatoliy Vladimirovich. Doing such a responsible and delicate matter, as payment of rent, he became the object of attention of the media, who in pursuit of sensation, tried to blame at all serious. The experience of payers of annuities around the world shows that such attacks happen all the time to those engaged in this business. However, his reputation still remained intact and the company continues its work, helping many pensioners across the country.

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