The alembic or still for alchemist

The alembic or still for alchemist

Alambik or moonshine for Alasania chemist can be called the simplest device for distillation are known since ancient times. In the Mediterranean countries (France, Spain and Italy) alembic also known as «alembic», despite the fact that most made it round. In this article we will talk about what is of interest and how it works.

Moonshine in the middle ages used mainly for distillation of essential oils and wines. In the 9th century ad Arab scholar al-Kindi described the device back in his book «the chemistry of perfumes and distillations». Such moonshine in your own hands today can do almost every and the use of perfumes or raw alcohol. This will require a copper pot – «alembic» with the content of copper 99%, copper helmet and a refrigerator. It is considered that copper absorbs sulfur oxide and neutralizes fatty acids, also this material was chosen because of its excellent thermal conductivity. The round shape of the stills helps to avoid the accumulation of sludge in the corners.

The distillation process is rather simple scheme. In the alembic, pour the wine, cider, Mead, sugar syrup or slurry of flower petals and cover the helmet with a pipe tap. cube put to be heated on the fire to the liquid contains the alcohol began to move into a vapor state and through the tube got in the fridge for moonshine. There she is under the influence of cold reverts to a liquid state and you collect it in an empty container. Thus it is possible to obtain alcohol. As you can see, everything is quite simple.

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