The advantages and disadvantages of wooden and plastic Windows

The characteristics of wooden Windows

Every person who took the decision to change your house Windows asks what, among the modern diversity of the most worthy and satisfying all requirements of the buyer. Most often the choice is between wooden and plastic Windows, because some have and others have a number of advantages and some disadvantages. To determine the advantages and disadvantages of wooden and plastic Windows need before settling on any options. For this it is necessary to examine more carefully all the specifications and features of each of them.

Properties of plastic Windows

Plastic window systems are quite popular nowadays. They are installed in offices, shops and homes. They have earned its popularity due to the neat appearance, good sound insulation, ease of care and the possibility of ventilation without the use of massive vents. You can purchase plastic window not only white, but quite different colors and even imitation wood.

The quality of plastic Windows depends on the manufacturer and type of glass. An important role plays the proper installation, necessary to install a special waterproofing tape and thermal insulation, which reduces the risk of fogging of glass and the development of mold indoors. You can buy a reliable plastic Windows on the website viknaonline.

The tightness of the Windows is not only an advantage but also a disadvantage of such systems. In cold weather, when Windows are opened rarely, the air passes through them, which negatively impacts on the internal microclimate of the premises.

Another significant disadvantage of these Windows is the artificial material from which they are made. Despite the latest technology, they are made of plastic which when exposed to heat, one way or another, affect the air in the room negative effect.

Plastic Windows can not be repaired. In the event of scratches or other damage, it is impossible to eliminate them. All the flaws acquired in the process of operation will remain until the change window.

If you want to use natural materials in the construction of housing, it is worth looking at the Windows made of wood, which today is also successfully used.

The characteristics of wooden Windows

Wood is used in joinery and Euro Windows.

Joinery window is the same window as treated earlier, only the more advanced and convenient. Now each leaf can be opened separately, no big and ugly hinges and latches, they do not require pasting in the winter, since the air space between the doors, sound and heat insulation.

Wooden Windows have the ability to breathe even with closed vents, and this contributes to the favorable climate indoors.

They are installed as easily as plastic.

The disadvantages include:

  • the inability to verify the correctness of the drying process of wood, from which made the window. No one knows what conditions were kept the tree, before he made the frame. If the wood has been wet over time, this window begins to dry, crack and deform. Problems may arise with the functionality of the valves;
  • inconvenience during operation delivers the lack of fixing an open window in the wind the sash against each other;
  • need to spend more time washing them.

But wooden Euro Windows combine the benefits of woodwork and plastic Windows.

They use timber that do not suffer from cracking and it keeps its size unchanged, as well as used quality Windows. These Windows are fixed during winding, and can be opened in both directions.

The same Euro wooden Windows can be easily grease and putty will disappear all acquired defects.

In such Windows using beautiful, modern fittings and there is a choice of colors.

The disadvantages include the fact that, like any wood, these Windows require the additional hassle of periodic renewal of the coating.

Choosing between all kinds of Windows, it should be remembered that the ideal material has not yet been invented, and each has its disadvantages, it is important to decide which are the least critical for every individual situation.

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