Than veneer plywood

Than veneer plywood

Resistance to negative impacts and the strength of the plywood is different in itself, but it happens that these indicators are not enough. For example, if it is operated with heavy loads or in conditions close to extreme. In such cases, it is subjected to further processing, is able to give the material the necessary qualities. As a rule, to improve certain characteristics used two methods, impregnation by special trains and cladding. Impregnation is often possible to identify the marking grades of plywoodare used for various resin, increase the resistance (urea, formaldehyde) and strength (bakelite), and trim in her appearance. Ordinary, non-specialized plywood veneer, usually to improve its decorative qualities.

Than veneer plywood 2

You’ll find most use for this purpose veneer. Only sliced veneer, not rotary cut, which is itself plywood. Sliced veneer has a higher aesthetic properties, but not strong enough to use as a basis, and it is much more expensive and that its use is economically justified. But for veneer ordinary plywood it is very suitable. For example, in the softwood plywood price is lower than birch, but it does not have high aesthetic properties, and this method allows to obtain relatively inexpensive, beautiful and durable sheet, which is widely used for interior finishing and in furniture production. In cases where the sheet should be given special strength and resistance, his veneer of metal. Do this in two ways. In the first to the plywood sheet is glued a plate made of metal. In the second on a warmed-up sheet the molten metal sprayed, and then produce cooling. Method with spraying less popular because it costs more. In order to protect the metal from corrosion and chemically aggressive environments, it may optionally be oxidized.

Can be used for veneer and fiberboard. It is used typically for strength and decorative plywood low grade and some other timber – for example, in OSB, the cost is lower, and plastered her with fiberboard, it is possible to obtain a material with high aesthetic properties and relatively low price. Using this method, not only the producers themselves, but also dressers and furniture, as plywood of the third and fourth grades is significantly cheaper elite, from which, after lining fiberboard it is almost impossible to distinguish

In shipbuilding, additional resistance to moisture waterproof plywood attached with glass fiber. Fiberglass impregnated with adhesives, coated with sheets of plywood and dried.

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