Than robot vacuum better than usual?(3)

Outside the newest variety of automated vacuum cleaners are very different to its predecessors. Intellectual assistants, which allows more convenient to do the cleaning are considered to be released iRobot devices. Simple cleaning with traditional vacuum cleaner requires a lot of effort. Today, the robot vacuum cleaner is present in almost any Housewives in the Americas. Just as the electric or electric stove, the actual in many developed countries such equipment. Representatives of the manufacturer are sure that robot vacuum cleaner can be a valuable assistant in cleaning the apartment. I saw friends from the work of this unit users are often in their own home buy it. Not provide for the participation of the owner of the job is the main advantage of this machine. Now most of the proposed devices provides a record of the work plan even on vacation. Patented system artificial intelligence embedded in today’s vacuum cleaners iRobot. According to experts iRobot robot vacuum cleaner has twelve major advantages over conventional. – cleans independently, many times moves on each site for a complete cleanse. – easy to use make the device small size, it is convenient to carry and folding. Of the most hard to reach places help to scrub the dirt of this unit, special brush. – built-in computer measures the area and extent of the contamination, calculating time of work. Do not make any unnecessary actions, saving energy, helping the device received data. special devices determine obstacles unit allow not to deal with furniture. Vacuum cleaner can to recharge the battery itself to step up to the plate with the help of such algorithms. This procedure allows the cleaner to remain permanently charged, carrying out the planned actions. – regular use of the device significantly reduces the amount present dirt and germs. side brushes can clean various unreachable areas of coverage. Integrated into the apparatus turbo brush is used for cleaning most new articles. – through the use of special techniques, the orientation of the device is not entangled in wires. Vacuum trying to get out during the swoop on the cord, spinning brush the unit stop. – if you need human involvement, are given a voice message. modular system allows you to replace individual items without the presence of the master. the optimal route of movement, the robot cleaner calculates with innovative navigation system. – with the appearance of the trash, vacuum the small piece of the coating allows a quick cleaning. even in the absence of the owners to program a schedule helps a built-in scheduler.

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