Than cable differs from the wire?

Than cable differs from the wire

What distinguishes cable from the wire? This question usually does not arise until, until you need major repairs or primary wiring. Ordinary people perceive these concepts as synonyms, but still useful to know and distinguish them.

The main differences are the wires from the cable

Consequently, the cable and the wire is the conductors of electrical current. They come in single and multi-core. The wire can be a sheath, and without it, and the cable has a sheath, which serves to protect the conductive wires from adverse effects of aggressive environment and mechanical damage. On the shell, visually, you can determine the cable or wire.

What is the wire?

The wires are equipped with lightweight sheath, which protects the vein from the lungs, minor mechanical damage. Wiring using wires is carried out only in premises, the method of fixing and gaskets shall be concealed. The wires are divided according to shell and the value of the cross section of the conductor. Standard conductive wires have different cross sections, mm: from 0,35 up to 16.0 and an even bigger section. Should be distinguished cross-section of the radius of the wires. It is a completely different concept. So knowing the radius of the wire, it is possible to calculate the cross section using the following formula:

S= p*r2

where S is actually determined by us section p – PI) = 3.14(constant) and r is the radius of the wire section to be determined.

What is the cable?

The cable is equipped with a more rigid shell, which is made of plastic or metal and allows the installation even in an open and moving way, regardless of environment, there may be used air, ground, underground laying, as with the use of pipes and those without. In the worst cases, objects are used cable different sections reinforced («armored») shell.

Thus, note that in each case it is necessary to clearly define what you need: a wire or cable. This is determined depending on the operating conditions, the requirements, ensuring the greatest security. Even though cable is the most secure and safe, its use is not always advisable as the price will be much higher in comparison with the wire.

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