Take pictures of candlelight — tips for photographers

Photographing candle light

Candle light has amazing properties. It soothes and warms. The photo with the candle looks very soulful and romantic. In this article you will find some useful tips that will help you to make beautiful and quality pictures with candles.

Preparation for shooting candles

In order for nice to make a portrait or a still life with a candle , you must first create the composition. As the candle – the light source is not very bright, the small background details can get lost. For such photos it is better to choose a flat solid background. Also, do not be amiss to add a few more candles to add light in the frame. Even if they remain behind the scenes, the effect will be much better.

Camera settings for photographing fire

Now for the technical part. For the pictures with the candles you will need a tripod and portrait lens (50 mm with parameters F 1.4 or 1.8). Of course, this is not a mandatory requirement, but they should seek. The larger the aperture of your lens, the higher shutter speed you can set without loss of picture quality. To compensate for the small amount of light in the frame you can also by raising the ISO value, but must not be more than 400.


A beautiful photo with candles have too much yellow and orange shades. This is due to wrongly established the white balance. It is better to calibrate the camera before shooting or shoot in RAW format, allowing you to change the white balance directly in the image editor, like Photoshop or Lightroom. Even if your lens is good zoom not worth it to use when you take pictures with a candle. Better move closer to the subject. So you will be able to resolve more detail and to reflect the depth.

Pictures with candles it is better to shoot in the dark or in a dark room. Daylight and bright lighting makes the candle flame faded and less distinct.

Photographing candles better candle to buy to protect themselves from the possibility of fire. This will help you to observe safety precautions, because during the shoot so easy to get carried away and forget about everything.

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