Swimwear 2016: freedom and democratic choice

Swimwear 2016: freedom and democratic choice

The fashion for swimwear this year is democratic and offers a variety of models. Separate and solid, made of leather and fabrics, sports and romantic – each woman will be able to find a good option. One that will provide comfort and convenience during your vacation.

New design swimwear

The relevance of the design of this season expressed in incredible processing bathing suits. Designers of the most fashionable houses of the world adorn their products with ruffles, lace, ruffles, stones, laces, nets and many others.

Changing the shape of the swimsuit. From the usual heats to high panties, thin straps bodice one wide webbing and the presence of sleeves.

Swimwear provided by different cut like a bathing suit and strapless bodice. No surprise and a deep neckline on the model.

Fashion colors

The new season offers options from a wide variety of colors, prints and patterns. Boldly blending harmoniously used cool and warm colors. Fabric simulating the color of the animals, they reproduce the abstract shapes, bright screaming neon colors. Nautical theme patterns always remains in demand during the holidays, but also did not forget the designers of romantic fabrics with polka dots. And for fans of the classic monochrome black and white models.

Fashion swimwear summer of 2016

Swimwear for the new season summer 2016like on the website, are not subject to uniform requirements and styles. But it is possible to identify major areas and trends.

  1. The trend of the season are swimsuits, if descended from the pages of magazines of the last century, and speedos to the waist and panty-shorts. Today, their austere and strict form decorated with bright colors and unusual elements. These products will look good on ladies cute size.
  2. Wide straps fashionable tops again in demand on the catwalks. Among the variety of shades and with a variety of jewelry every fashionista will find a unique swimsuit just for yourself.
  3. Fashion new asymmetric bodice with one shoulder strap that splits the classical canons and adds a uniqueness.
  4. For residents of Northern countries with delicate skin finding is a leotard that has long sleeves. New trend model will not only help to avoid trouble, but will be a highlight at the beach.
  5. Relevant and sporty swimwear, which allow you to sunbathe, play sports. Give the opportunity to look at the closed models than the usual bikini.
  6. Remain on the fashionable wave and swimwear, knitted crocheted, of closed and open type. Alternatively, you can buy in stores of fashion designers or tie.

Fashion items of swimwear this year could be:

  • lace that adorns the bodice and complements the melt;
  • fringe long and short, making is incredibly exciting element;
  • mesh, which graced not only the sports, but other models;
  • ruffles cover the bodice that serve as sleeves or skirt.

Beachwear fashion 2016 democratic and free. She refused any limits. The main task of designers and manufacturers to anticipate the wishes of customers – this year is almost done. It remains only to come up with your beach-ready look… and go buy the right swimsuit.

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