Summer house in Bali

Summer house in Bali

Summer housebuilt by «Word of Mouth», combines convenience and comfort. Located on the West coast of Bali, making it a great place for relaxation and entertainment.

Summer house in Bali

Summer house in Bali 4 (600x413, 68Kb)

The main idea of the architects was to make this summer house is multifunctional, so that it was a good place to relax with family or have fun in the noisy company of friends. I think they have it good. The house structure is such that all premises are able to perform a dual function. So, the dining room can be used as chill-out (relax), and living smoothly into the pool.

Bedroom of this summer house handed down to the second floor, which makes it isolated from the rest of the house. Here you can relax and be alone, despite the events in the house events. The bedroom is very bright and surrounded on three sides by spacious terraces. I really liked the design solution with a bathtub. The fact that bath is located in the headboard, which is very convenient and practical in this summer house.

In General, the summer house by Studio Word of Mouth» turned out exactly the way he wanted to see the owner is comfortable and versatile.

Summer house in Bali, 6 (600x400, 70kb)

Summer house in Bali 13 (466x700, 313Kb)

Summer house in Bali 2 (600x399, 54Kb)

Summer house in Bali 3 (600x400, 47Kb)

Summer house in Bali 11 (466x700, 260Kb)

Summer house on Bali 12 (465x700, 227Kb)

Summer house in Bali 14 (464x700, 233Kb)

Summer house in Bali, 7 (600x444, 52Kb)

Summer house in Bali, 8 (600x447, 46Kb)

Summer house on Bali 9 (600x447, 40Kb)

The summer house Bali 10 (599x700, 42Kb)

If Bali is too far for you, you can relax on the Odessa coast. Rent apartments in Odessa is not so expensive as on the ocean resort, but you will also be able to have a great time, to swim in the sea and have fun.

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