Summer fashion mens shoes 2015

Summer fashion mens shoes 2015

Trendy mens summer shoes 2015 remains the same convenient as before, but differs in interesting patterns and bright colors. The main fashion trend in this season can be considered a combination of classic and sport styles. Luxurious and elegant details come together from a practical and quite simple.

At the peak of popularity this season, shoes with thick soles, soft loafers and a sport design model. Belonging to a particular style is not of a clear nature, which gives great scope for the designer fantasies. Many models of summer shoes for men are sporty in nature, and therefore they can be worn with a variety of clothing styles. Sneakers are perfectly combined with more classic trousers. Learn more about the combination of clothes and footwear, see the article “How to choose mens shoes for summer“.

The most popular materials for summer shoes is natural leather, suede, nubuck. The color palette gets the brightness, and finishing materials may be the most unexpected. Great variety of different elements.

The novelties of this year are the futuristic sneakers and rubber shoes from designers. In the summer collections of men’s shoes there are models that combine several elements of different styles. They gained popularity for their practicality. Moreover, these models fell in love with men of different age groups.

The most fashionable is the thick sole that has a strict line. It will also work well under a business suit, under jeans. No less popular are loafers – shoes on a thin and flat manner. Loafers perfectly combined with jeans and with shorts. They have a subtle heel for stability. The shoelace will act as decor. Their color shall match the color of the Shoe.

For the hot summer of well perforation, which also became very fashionable. Combining practicality with modern design has gained considerable popularity for such models.

Men who value individual style, choose a bright, textile decor with embroidery and appliqués.

For the summer collection of shoes use the flax and sailcloth. This lightweight footwear will not cause any discomfort when wearing. Popular unexpected bright colors – Burgundy, mustard green, chocolate, blue.

A great choice of summer footwear for men allows you to pick up it on all occasions. Slippers can be very convenient, but always appropriate. So stop your choice on sandals or light shoes that can be worn for business events.

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