Stove – pros and cons

Stove – pros and cons

The stove has both pluses and minuses. In today’s world, when the cost of energy continuously increasing, it is impossible to say for sure, it is better electric or gas stove. Let’s try to understand this.

During the day the man eats fully two to four times – and that’s not counting snacks. For Breakfast, many prefer porridge, lunch is not to imagine without the soup and the second is supposed to be hot, dinner – hearty. Plates, including those powered by electricity and the cooking surface , the irreplaceable companions of the modern person’s whole life. As you know, thanks to Chinese scientists humanity has learned a lot of new. So. They were able to invent gunpowder, he immediately began to study the books and invented paper. Stove – another invention which came to us from the East.

How did you learn to archaeologists, to use it in those regions started in the beginning of our era, 1-2 centuries. In Russia, as we know, had his way, and the fire was here too its the oven. European States, as they were not educated, yet not so active friends to progress. In particular, in the kitchens until the 16th century stood the boilers, and they were regulated only by mechanisms that allow to raise the item or lower closer to the fire. The 18th century was a turning point for this area, it was then that Thompson and Franklin, and independently t each, were able to create a kitchen stove – and their design was original.

A gas cooker is characterized in that the height requires the least amount of time, dishes can be used in almost any price for gas is lower than electricity – at least in our country. On the other hand, the combustion gas is associated with the release into the air of carbon dioxide. If the plate was improperly configured, it can be a source of carbon monoxide, which is deadly to all living things. In addition, gas connected many other hazards, in particular increased likelihood of an explosion. Gas cylinders are sometimes broken valve, and thus can poison others, housing will collapse. The pipeline is not in any location, the acquisition of cylinders that are fueled with liquefied gas – a costly exercise. Incidentally, a gas stove compared to an electric noticeably inferior in quality to the oven, since it is impossible to make the product heated evenly. Consequently, such structures will never bake as well as electric. The functionality they are also more narrow.

According to statistics, in 1930, in the USA it was possible to find 7.7 million stoves running on coal and wood, 14 million turned to gas, 1 million products worked on electricity. This product does not need to cylinder or pipeline, and the oxygen will not burn, will not be allocated in the process poisonous gases. Not associated with a use of the device with additional risks, including explosion. Electric oven allows you to cook the most complex and interesting dishes, cakes are always perfect, the chicken skin is Golden brown and the pies don’t burn.

Electric plate all would seem good, however it has some drawbacks. In particular, in order to ensure that the product is hot, he needs time. This can be circumvented, but then you have to use a special variety of dishes. In addition, you need to have a purpose-built electrical wiring, an outlet that will supply the desired current value. If this stove was in working order, has a chance to shock. This will handle any laboratory. Most importantly, do not hesitate to call a specialist.

In our country electricity is significantly more expensive than gas – and that this lack of mechanism can be called the most important. Also worth mentioning is the fact that in the case of the accident at the power plant, the supply of the resource will stop and the mechanism can not work, and in our country such problems, unfortunately, stations are not uncommon. And they certainly happen more often than shut off the gas.

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