Stone tables and window sills in the interior

Stone tables and window sills in the interior

Stone tables and window sills in the interior look massive and very impressive. We are all accustomed to the fact that houses often used wood from which is made furniture and other interior items. But for areas such as kitchen and bathroom wood is not really suitable. Especially when it comes to tables, countertops and window sills. Therefore, their manufacturers often use the stone.

Stone tables in the interior

The maximum load in the room such as the kitchen accounts for work surfaces. Those tables, in which the working surface is made from waste wood, not everyone is satisfied with. For this reason, increasingly ordered stone tables of glivi, which are a model of high quality. Would a wood structure be compared with this stone? But as this natural material weighs decently, it is often used instead of artificial stone.

The advantages of natural stone very much. And the most important thing is that it can be given any shape. For this reason, many prefer to do individual orders for their production. Advantages of stone you can call the following facts:

  • durability;
  • resistance to moisture, temperature changes;
  • high strength;
  • a wide variety of colors.

Even with prolonged use, these tables will not lose color saturation. Whether it’s natural or artificial stone, it will look noble and luxurious in any room.

Stone window sills

The stone used for the manufacture of window sills. How can a plastic that is now offered instead of wood to match the stone? And this applies not only durability but also beauty. Today offers the manufacture of window sills from a stone the link the online store listed above. Moreover, their shape may be any of:

  • classic;
  • oval;
  • semicircular.

And this applies as marble window sills and granite.

A cheaper, but less reliable and durable are the product of artificial stone. It is much easier to handle. These sills should be positioned in areas with high percentage of humidity. In comparison with the natural material, artificial easier 20%. But strength is not inferior to marble or granite. Even if on the surface appears damaged, they are easily sanded down. It is necessary to consider the price of these sills, is it less than the cost of any natural stone. In the manufacture of window sills, you can create any structure: for granite, marble, quartz and so on.

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