«Stone forest» here. Armenia.

Stone forest Goris Armenia

The city of Goris is located in a unique place – a deep hollow surrounded on all sides by cliffs. These rocks are a rare natural phenomenon – the result of weathering of volcanic tuff. Through this process formed the unusual pink cones and peaks that represent a fantastic spectacle.

Situated on the river Goris (a tributary of the Vorotan), 240 km from Yerevan and 70 km from the Trap on the road Yerevan — Stepanakert. The city is located in the mountain pit surrounded by rocky ridges and caves.

Near Goris, Khndzoresk village — a complex of ancient cave dwellings, archaeological and ethnographic Museum. On the left Bank of Goris river is formed in friable volcanic rocks of the labyrinth of caves with stone pyramids, fancy pillars (T. SV. cave Goris). Since ancient times, the natural caves used as dwellings, which after the appearance of metal tools was expanded and rebuilt, forming a fairly large settlement.

Residential areas to the South (old) and North (new). Between them is a cultural and social center. 8 km South of the city is the airport, to the East — the village of Khndzoresk.

According to the census of 1897 in the County lived 1 450 thousand, of which Armenians 1 082 people, azerbaijanskie Tatars (Azerbaijanis) 209 people.

The average July temperature is +19 °C, January is -1.3 °C. the mean annual precipitation 700 mm. Goris is one of the most rainy cities of Armenia.

Another interesting fact is that inside these cones from ancient times until the mid-twentieth century. people lived. Each house is usually divided by a partition into two parts: the Tun for human habitation and GOM – for cattle. Along the walls of the residential part was cut down the big benches, and in Goma, the feeder cattle.

Cave city – a multi-tiered, and a roof of the lower housing serves as an entrance platform for the upper housing. With the advent of metal tools natural caves are increasingly expanded and rebuilt, forming a fairly large settlement. Thus, with the help of the cave cities were simultaneously solved two problems – housing and the problem of security, which in Turkish and Persian invasions was very serious.

Currently at the foot of the cliffs is a cemetery.

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