Stone countertops beauty and functionality

The beauty and functionality of stone countertops

One of the most beautiful elements of any modern interiors are stone countertopsthat offer maximum durability and capacity.

Countertops made of natural stone are very practical, so they are successfully used not only for the bathroom design, and kitchen areas, and has revived this masterpiece of design about fifteen years ago in Russia.

Advantages of stone table boards

After the wood natural stone is the most environmentally friendly material, and the slab of this natural material has long since become a home decorative material used in residential interiors. Many centuries ago different rocks were used for interior decoration and exterior cladding, and now those same traditions began to revive. Every year there are more who want to decorate their homes with the use of this natural material from which produced not only beautiful but very practical product.

Stone countertops are not only beautiful and durable but also versatile as they can be used in the interior, designed in any styles. So, marble countertops, quartz or granite will make the kitchen interior in the French style of indescribable beauty and charm.

Countertops of different rocks, is not only very beautiful but also useful, and also hygienic decorative element of the interior.

What rocks are used for making countertops?

Made countertops for bathrooms and kitchens of various rocks, for example, quartz, traditional, granite, malachite, marble. The most ideal option considered quartz countertops, because this material represents the best ratio of price and quality.

Another inexpensive is considered to be granite, advantage of which is multi-variant approach on color and simplicity in processing. Beautiful granite countertops and the fact that they can create virtually any tastes. Granite is considered to be the most practical option, especially in those cases, if the granite countertops you plan to install in the kitchen environment, as its surface does not leave any oil or mud stains and scratches.

A wonderful decoration for the kitchen or bathroom can become malachite countertops, especially when combined with malachite green plexiglass. In addition, the table tops of such rocks combined with another natural material is wood, and it looks like the Union of two natural materials are very natural and attractive.

Green, as you know, goes well with white, and see it on the example of the white kitchen cabinets and dark green malachite countertops where the pieces of furniture in bright colours and are a great Duo.

A few words I would like to say about marble a few years ago was a boon to sculptors of Ancient Greece. Equally well look marble countertops in the bathroom and kitchen.

However, for those who would like to install marble countertops in the kitchen and use it as a work surface, you should know that this natural material does not exhibit strong resistance to impact, acids and abrasives so it must be protected.

Huge selection of quality countertops from natural stone can be found on the website of neolit.kiev/izdeliya/kuhonnye-stoleshnitsy. Buying from trusted manufacturers, you are guaranteed of quality.

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