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Value comfort, high quality and design innovations in the interior? Stairs under the key from «Lesen-Ko» is exactly what you need. We offer ergonomic, durable and safe wood construction at affordable prices. According to a standard design or according to your individual order we will produce propulsion, screw and combination ladders and accessories.

The range of services «of the Ladder under the key» includes:

  • Consultation and free design stairs, taking account of customer requirements, design and constructional features of the room;
  • Drawing up a contract specifying the rights and obligations of the parties conditions the execution of the order and production process;
  • Purchase of materials and professional production of the necessary elements with strict quality control at every stage of manufacture;
  • Installation of wooden structures, cladding of concrete stairs and metal frames on the object.

What we offer

The company «Lesen-To» manufactures wooden stairs from pine, oak, ash, beech and larch. Design can be performed both from the same breed, and with the help of combinations of different types of wood depending on the wishes of the customer for the price and quality ladder. In standard structural models include:

  • Classic ladder «champagne»;
  • Ladder Lyon with elegant wrought iron balusters;
  • Practical Provence with additional protection for children and animals;
  • Ladder «Standard» differs simplicity and reliability.

Each proposed model has its own design and style design. However, during production we can use different materials, wood, to add new elements to combine modifications, etc.

Want to make a «flavor» to your interior? You can choose the best option ladders on our website, to consult with a specialist and design an original design that will decorate and emphasize your exquisite taste and status.

The advantages of our services

We offer favorable conditions of purchase and perfect quality. By ordering the service «Ladder under the key» you’ll get:

  • Eco-friendly wooden construction;
  • Reliable and robust security features for safe launching/recovering;
  • High quality and aesthetic staircase which will complement the style of your home;
  • Quality guarantee for 3 years.

We are not standing still, in an effort to expand services and improve the quality of the service. Today our main advantages are:

  • Experienced and highly qualified professionals;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Modern production technology and professional materials;
  • Affordable cost of stairs thanks to its own production base;
  • Discounts and promotions for customers;
  • Manufacturing of stairs with observance of all norms of safety and comfort;
  • Free delivery and installation.

Want to get more information? Request a callback or drop us a message. Our specialists will gladly answer all your questions.

The company’s official website lesen-ko/

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