Spanish hotel in Barcelona — a fusion of antiquity with reality

Spanish hotel in Barcelona - a fusion of antiquity with reality

Spanish hotel in Barcelona is a frozen world in the spirit of the Roman Empire, which settled in the city. The owners have managed to combine the magic charm of antiquity and modern trends in the hotel bolgarstroy.

Exclusive five star hotel The Mercer Hotel, which is located in the historic centre and includes part of the Roman walls of the ancient city of Barcino, has become one of the attractions of Barcelona. Some of the walls of the building of the hotel date back to the first century B. E. They were carefully reconstructed successfully by the architect Rafael Moneo. The main focus in the design of the hotel is the stone that adorns all the walls completely. Complement the ancient walls and exquisite furniture and decor. Comfortable and modern things do not break calm reigns around, and only slightly reminiscent of a noble comfort. Spacious courtyard surrounded by columns of the XVII century, with orange trees in the center. Greens set off the bright walls and brings a special charm. Another highlight of the hotel is the library, located on the first floor, there are medieval frescoes from Roman times, discovered in the process of reconstruction.

Each room has its own fragment of the historical heritage, it adds unforgettable emotions during stay in it. All bedrooms rooms have wooden floors, and the bathrooms feature a smooth and efficient materials, gently fit into the overall design. The terrace is on the fourth floor, between the two watchtowers, with a magnificent view of the dome of the Church Santa Maria del Mar and the Gothic Cathedral of Barcelona. To ensure that guests can easily get to the roof, the owners had to purchase a passenger lift, which added romance to the atmosphere on the terrace. During the event, you can enjoy the Gothic views of Barcelona, and in the afternoon take a dip in the pool.

The absence of the hotel unnecessary items, promotes full relaxation and rest, and soft colors, ancient stones, awaken in the soul of inspiration. The hotel is a continuation of the ancient city, cordially invites everyone to come along with the story.

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