Something to quench your thirst with health benefits?

When the sun hangs in the sky of the heated ball, the thermometer thermometer surpasses – all life was exhausted by the heat and requires moisture. Do you know something to quench your thirst with health benefits?

If our body is usually evaporates about 2 liters of fluid a day in hot weather, fluid loss reaches 4 liters and this is a very serious test for the organism. The fact that we sweat in the heat, the process is natural and necessary, because that is what we are struggling with overheating. But, losing fluid, we are not only dehydrated, together with her lose the necessary salts, minerals and to compensate for this loss is vital. And therefore, should be to drink more fluid. In this article you will learn something to quench your thirst and replenish your stamina on a hot summer day.

Something to quench your thirst with health benefits?

Unfortunately, not every liquid is suitable to quench your thirst! Do note that there is a so-called «soft drinks», which in the heat to drink in any case should not be, is a sweet carbonated water. No matter: it’s a warm drink or straight from the fridge – he thirst not quenched! But what is contained in sugary carbonated water phosphoric acid spoils the teeth and leaches the body of calcium. I’m not talking about sweeteners, flavors, colors, stabilizers and other «chemicals» that are present in these drinks in larger or smaller amounts.

So what can quench the thirst in hot summer?

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Green tea

Perhaps, the most proper drink for a hot time of year, hot green tea. After all, no wonder the elders in Central Asia spend all their free time in teahouses, sipping hot yellow-green drink in the hottest time of the day. Tea immediately quenches thirst, and stimulates perspiration, as is well known, the evaporation of sweat if the temperature is above 33 degrees, this is the only way to give off heat to the environment, preventing overheating of the body.

Also, the tea are useful macro — and micronutrients, there is and potassium. Tea is doubly useful, especially if it is a little bit of salt.

Drink very hot green tea without sweets and very slow. Pour the tea into a bowl a little, just a few SIPS. Enjoy the process, it is important not the number of drunk tea, and after tea must have time to act! After a few cups of thirst would get better. Tea not only quenches thirst, it has a very positive effect on the health, stimulates the nervous system, improves mental ability, normalizes digestion. Due to the high content of vitamin e has positive effects on blood vessels, which is very important in hot weather.

To quench your thirst on a hot summer day, a good fit and an iced tea, but I still prefer the classic (hot) version. Especially because experts say that hot green tea can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

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A good choice for the summer to quench the thirst of juice. In fact, the juice is diluted natural fruit or berry juice. In the heat of the preference should be given to acidic fruit drinks, especially useful for fruit drinks, red currant, cranberry or cranberry, they are well thins the blood, quench thirst, replenish the loss of minerals. A very useful kind of juice from dried apricots. Cooking it is easy – just take a good quality dried apricots and pour the boiling water. Boil is not necessary, when the infusion has cooled, put a container of drink in the fridge and drink first thing in the morning and throughout the day. This amazing taste of juice will quench your thirst in the heat will support your heart is the most positive influence on blood vessels and blood pressure.

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Lightly mineral water

Lightly mineral water according to ability to quench the thirstof the large amount of salts and biologically active substances, can rightfully take second place in the ranking of the correct drinks. Mineral water can be drunk without restrictions, with a small portion of this water is wonderful to start each new morning! It cleans the stomach and intestines, promotes proper digestion, and removes toxins. Mineral water is recommended to drink room temperature or slightly chilled Sparkling water quenches thirst better than still, but if you prefer non-carbonated, add a little lemon juice, or infusion of mint, the refreshing effect will be more pronounced.

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Natural Kvass, home-made, because it carbon dioxide and amino acids – also a very decent «the thirst quencher». In addition, in the XIX century it became clear that this drink has antibacterial properties in it after 20 minutes, killed cholera Vibrio and typhoid Bacillus. Agree, for a hot time when E. coli have such favorable conditions for breeding, this property kvass downright priceless!

But all the above does not apply to butilirovannogo gazirovannaya kvass that is sold in stores. Additives food dyes, sweeteners, citric, sorbic and benzoic acids transform it into an ordinary lemonade, only vaguely reminiscent of the taste of the original product.

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Prepare kvass at home is not a difficult task. First, you need a real rye bread. Cut it into small slices and toast them in the oven to improve the color of the beverage, a few slices can be annealed in the fire. 0.5 kg of bread is 4-5 liters of water, 200 grams of sugar and around 40 gr. fresh yeast. If you got the special for the brew very well. Crackers pour hot water (about 2 liters) and wait until they are melted and cooled. The wort for kvass almost ready. The wort cooled to human body temperature, add the yeast, previously dissolved in part of the wort, the remaining warm water, sugar and handful of raisins. Kvass is brewed from 10 hours to several days in a warm place. Then strain, bottle and use.

Kvass is a product of fermentation, and theoretically it is possible to become tipsy, but I don’t know how much to drink kvass, to feel the drunkenness. In any case, do not drink more than a liter of this drink in the intense heat!

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Dairy products

Dairy products – yogurt, fermented baked milk (not fat), yogurt (sweet), sour milk, quench your thirst, help to restore the normal composition of the intestinal microflora. Homemade sour milk can be prepared refreshing and thirst-quenching drink ayran. To start, place the yogurt in a cheesecloth and allow to drain whey. Came dorogobuzova mass, in Central Asia it is called susima is a great product from where you can prepare sauces, to use in salads. But if you breed Susumu mineral water, then get an Ira. In ayran usually add chopped Basil or other herbs to taste, a pinch of salt and its main advantage is that in the heat of summer it simultaneously quenches and thirst, and hunger.


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What can you say about beer? Unfortunately, despite its popularity as gaidouronisia means, specialists do not recommend to get carried away with beer on hot days. Beer is an alcoholic beverage, and even a small dose of alcohol may affect your ability to make decisions and performance, and the load on the heart may be too big. In addition, beer stimulates the filtration in the kidney, as a result, the body loses fluid faster. Heat and alcohol – a dangerous combination, so it is better to give preference to other beverages – kvass, juice, tea.

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Dry white wine

Well, if the solemnity of the moment does not allow to refuse alcoholic beverage (such as we have not decided to toast with a brew) – choose chilled dry white wine. Dry white wine, the traditional summer wine. Quality, luxury, white wine to take to cool to 4 degrees, usual – to 8 degrees. In hot weather, the wine should be diluted with mineral water in a ratio of 1:1 and add a few ice cubes. In a sense, diluted wine even is better than juice or juice – in it of less sugar. It is known that it helps lose weight, improves digestion, metabolism and, of course, quenches thirst. Small quantities of dry wine lowers blood pressure, unlike spirits and Beers. A good antioxidant source of trace elements is dry red wine that should be consumed only in small amounts and diluted with water. Specialists cardiologists believe that in a certain proportion of water, dry wine is not only the normal variant of replenishment of circulating blood volume, it also has antiplatelet properties (thins the blood), normally quenches thirst and contains substances that prevent blood clotting.

Author: Olga Travliata

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