Soft furniture. Ideas for different types of premises

Soft furniture. Ideas for different types of premises

For different types of premises it is possible to choose completely different types of upholstered furniture. One note: not all facilities need such. However, many lovers of comfort manage to set the sofa or chair and in the hallways, and even kitchens. Try to understand what is upholstered furniture best suited a particular room.

We start of course, with living room, since this room can not exist without a complete set of upholstered furniture or even just the couch. It all depends on the style in which decorated the room. Living room as the main lounge are not just to please the hosts and guests, but also to promote peaceful relaxing holiday. You could stand and leather corner sofa, if it is a room in classic style of «Empire». If you like modern, you can choose an elegant sofa, covered with bright fabrics. In a small room the sofa is better to buy an accordion, making it more functional. The main principle: match the color of the furniture, do not forget about the shape of the model, they also significantly affect the overall species composition of the room.

Bedroom, first and foremost, needs a comfortable bed. It can be a standard «lorry» (for one person) or a double bed (if this is the bedroom of the spouses). However, if space in the room is enough you can set up and additional furniture. One has only to use several methods of zoning as spacious bedroom will turn into fancy room combines two rooms – the bedroom where there’s only room for beds and several bedside tables with night lamps and a small built-in lounge, where you can set and sofa, and a TV, and even a small study with computer and Desk. Importantly, this combination did not prevent to perform certain functions so multi-purpose room.

The obvious problem of many Russian apartments have small kitchens. That’s why people build their own homes, often «encroach» on a too-large spaces for kitchens. It is not strange, but it can also be a problem. It would seem, enough to make two areas – a cooking area and dining or, as it is called, a dining room. This can also be very small. Not that the place was not very much, just for comfort something is always missing. Here comes again the sofa, set it to the farthest from the plate wall. This place can draw in the style of a favorite cafe, to create in this area a kind of relaxation area. Kitchen will immediately become significantly more comfortable. By the way, pay attention to the material that is covered «kitchen sofa, it needs to be very practical: easy to clean, not dirty.

Space space and lack of space is a real issue. To reduce the amount of furniture is impractical, at least you can give someone items that you do not need. And all the rest is replaced by more compact counterparts. For example, a sofa, stripped of everything superfluous, but it is done simply and elegantly, not only to replace bulky furniture, but also decorate the interior of any compact.

Remember that any furniture you need to free space, because it is the most useful resource! A good choice, let your house will be comfortable!

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