Soaring ceilings — trendy interior trend

Soaring ceilings for home

Soaring ceilings – this design idea, which instantly gained many fans. Thanks to the light barrier the impression of a separation of the ceiling from the walls. On the basis of this effect we developed a variety of options, playable as single-level and multi-level ceilings.

The advantage of technology is that it is applicable not only to complex and costly ceiling systems, but also to budget coverage. The cost of lining increases slightly, to afford such a luxury can even people with limited financial resources. In the photo section of the website nevado/po-tipu/paryashhie are different options of realizing the idea of the soaring ceilings.

The basic technology

Installation of a floating ceiling is not fundamentally different from a conventional installation of stretch ceiling. The only difference is that it uses a special profile, which provides a groove under the led strip. Depending on the implemented ideas, the light should fall on the wall or ceiling at a certain angle. In this regard, several variants of baguettes, and for curved surfaces there are flexible profiles that can be bent in any form.

After the installation of baguettes is a stretch fabric. It remains only to insert the led strip, and floating the suspended ceiling is ready. Led strip are sold in specialized shops represented in a wide range. You can choose a white color and a monochrome execution, or to give preference to the RGB strips, which provide a smooth transition of colors. Led tape can be used as the main light source in the room. In this case, you should buy the product of high power. Otherwise it is better to select tape a small or medium power.

Led strip light is an electric device powered by direct current. Her connection is made Autonomous through the rectifier 12 or 24 V. the Dismantling of the belt for repair or replacement is made without a raising of the ceiling paintings.

Design ideas

The device is single-level ceiling , the flow of light falls on the wall, illuminating her upper 10-20 cm Is the most simple execution.

In the multi-level ceilings , the light often comes from the lower level to the upper level. There are some variants to create the effect of soaring as a top-level and lower.

The technology is applicable to all types of canvases: matte, satin, glossy, and goes well with different colors, printing and effect of «starry sky».


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