Small washing machine Eco-Pod

Small washing machine Eco-Pod

Small washing machine Eco-Pod created by Australian designer Simon GEDCOM (Simon Hedt). It combines the drum for dirty clothes directly in the washing machine. Its main advantages are environmental friendliness and small size. Unfortunately, while this is only a conceptual model, but the future is not far off!


Simon Hedt lives and works in Melbourne. It is the smallest washing machine designed for small apartments of cities of the future. Its size is slightly larger than the size of the basket for dirty Laundry. By the way, is one of the components of this little washing machine, namely a drum. Download the washing machine is very fast. You just need to put the Laundry basket inside and fixed in special grooves. Laundry does not require a connection to the water supply than can not even boast fashionable washing machine » Whirlpool. It is not only the smallest washing machine but also the most environmentally friendly, because it does not use detergent and clean water. Washing is carried out by using steam and mechanical cleaning. As you can see, Simon has taken care of almost everything!

The designer decided that it would be the best washing machine for any home and made her appearance such that he could easily fit into any interior. Due to the coating of wood it will blend in with any furniture and accessories. To place a washing machine in almost any room.

I would like to draw the attention of readers that the little washing machine Eco-Pod was included in the shortlist for the award James Dyson (Australian Design Award 2011). This fact suggests that this concept can be implemented in the near future.

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