Small bedroom — design features

Properties design small bedroom

Everyone wants in your bedroom to create a comfortable environment for sleep and rest, regardless of the area. If you have a small bedroom, practical ideas for the design of space, is particularly relevant. Compact and comfortable bed, quality curtains, a small night table and a chair, this is the most required items of bedroom furniture.

How to choose furniture for the bedroom?

The furniture in the small bedroommust be chosen carefully and judiciously. You should give preference to lighter shades of furniture. Low and compact furniture will make the space larger and more graceful. There are several rules and techniques in design, through which you can arrange a small room to the bedrooms.

In the entrance area to the bedroom should be the furniture. If the opposite wall from the entrance is open and free, the room will look wider. Painted in light tone walls, undoubtedly the correct method, which allows to maximize the space. To expand a small room, the bedroom, hang a mirror, but in moderation and a view of the window.

Small bedrooms, gained a reputation as uncomfortable and pressured areas, it is for the reason that often there is a lot of furniture and items that have no relationship to sleep. For example, instead of the wardrobe, it is better to put a chest of drawers for underwear and bed linen. Extra chairs or shelves, will distract and irritate.

It is undesirable to have pictures on the walls of the small bedroom, it is better to choose and buy to style a picture of the landscape. The headboard can be decorated with small transparent canopy, then the room will say more. Lots of flowers on the window or the room will create a slovenly and neglected appearance. It is better to put a couple small pots with succulents. The bed should be light and simple, without any carved headboard dark color.

Decorative elements, textiles.

An important component of each bedroom is textiles. If you choose the right curtains, they will become a real decoration of the small bedroom. Learn ideas for decorating online store «Linen and cotton» by choosing something original from a wide range. A good solution would be curtains in dark blue.

The soft fabric will create a feeling of comfort and quietly lull. Lighting in a small bedroomshould not be bright, but not oppressive. Near the bed should be placed bedside lamps for reading, and you can do without the chandeliers, placing spot lighting.

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