Showers — a variety of types

Showers - a variety of types

Showers are very popular in the city and in the countryside. Showers are great in the processing of the bathrooms of the old planning, and they fit well in the bathrooms of the new planning, as an additional attribute.

First, the showers became widespread thanks to the efficient layout of the bathroom, and also due to the low cost. Over time, as well as with the human desire for comfort, the showers turned into a comprehensive system of healing and vitality of its owners. Manufacturers offer cabins of various colors and shades, different sizes and capacities, from simple rectangular to advanced, with Jacuzzi, various forms.

A General review of showers

Cabin showers are divided into two types-open and closed. Open type is named so because of the lack of ceiling. Often, the cab of the open type called shower corners, since the walls of such booths is wall any angle in the bathroom.

A simple shower can do completely independently, virtually any person. Only need to choose a corner in the bathroom to lay out his tiles to make a skirting and arrange drain pipe, at a height of 1.7 m to secure a semicircle (made with the shiny tube or bought), to the semicircle of the wear ring and it is attached waterproof fabric to an appropriate size and all, the easiest and most economical shower area ready.

On the website Wodolei/catalog/dushevie_kabini/ presented shower enclosures of all kinds perform, fully transparent glass, to the massive futuristic space Shuttle with sound support, drop down door with the color from space.

Monobloc showers

Closed type of showers, otherwise called a monoblock showers. They are distinguished by the presence of a floor, four walls and ceiling. Such booths can be installed anywhere. Desktop, depending on configuration, complemented by a variety of functions:

  • The most common is the jets. Achieved positive effect of massage by a massage of the panels within the housing. These panels provide decent pressure horizontal jets on the user, there are different variants of massages, from mild to aggressive.
  • Not that common, but no less welcome, is the function of this bath. Monoblock is equipped with an electric steam generator that distributes the vapor evenly throughout the Cabinet and ensures maximum humidity, steam temperature reaches fifty degrees.
  • There is an automated function of a contrast shower.
  • Infrared heating allows you to heat the cabin and everything in it to the maximum temperature tolerated by humans.
  • Almost every monoblock is equipped with a fan built into the top. It is necessary that the owner had constant access to fresh air.
  • The so-called rain shower. The effect is achieved by special nozzles and the intelligent distribution of water droplets on the candy bar. There is a real feeling of a warm, summer rain. Very popular with the children.
  • Often these cabins are equipped with inhalers, including special barrels, which can add various aromatic substances. This feature is an addition to the bath and the tropics.
  • Sophisticated models are equipped with LEDs and programmed for lighting water jets.
  • All the great demand of monoblock cabin with voice control. Commands can be given outside of the bar, and during the procedure of taking a shower.

Individual functions can be integrated and open shower stalls. For example, the fan of fresh air, or panels for jets. Extra features always consists of creative and economic possibilities of the user.

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