Shower — ideal for a small bath

Shower - ideal for a small bath

How to manage space in a small bathroom and still finding the unusual design? Shower cabin will be the perfect solution! You get a lot of advantages. Showers – it is stylish, comfortable and economically. Now the choice of hot boxes is very large, you can choose the best option, given the spatial and technical possibilities of installation and the tastes of the owner. And have such extras as a radio, a phone connection, lighting for every taste and color, just the process of taking a shower was pleasant.

But how would not like to indulge in additional properties of a shower, should be based on the main functionality coupled with capabilities the bathroom. First, the dimensions, connection features, the water pressure and other nuances. When the price do not forget that it is not always «expensive» lives up to expectations. You can pick up a shower cubicle in the middle price segment and get all the necessary functions. Well help to make a choice such Internet directories as wek. Shower cubicle, usually installed to save space, so the location of the hot box should be as rational. It is advisable not to block access to plumbing and appliances.

Form of showers varied – round, square, rectangular, angular (most popular). Two in one – shower and bathtub, protected from each other special panels, such combined models are convenient in the case that the presence of the bath still in the house is necessary. Corner showers are the most common. The device is quite simple – a pallet wall with water supply system and sealed doors. Shower area, as the name implies, is mounted in the corner of the room. You can purchase ready-made kit, and pick up all the parts separately, depending on the size of the bathroom.

Special attention should be paid to shower doors. They are hinged and on castors. If the space in the bathroom is large enough, then you can use the first option. But it is much more popular than roller doors because they save space and are compact. The materials are different, most of the doors of shower cabins made of glass and acrylic. Tempered glass is more expensive but worth the price durability and strength.

When choosing a pallet for a shower cabin, should be based on personal preferences, as materials there is a huge number – it porcelain, acrylic, steel, ceramic, plastic. What is your priority is durability, easy care, no noise when getting to the bottom of the water jets. Also the bathroom is of great importance if the room already has a sink or bathtub, it is advisable to buy a shower cabin in a similar quality of materials.

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