Shower area — types, construction and characteristics

Shower area - types, construction and characteristics

A morning shower is invigorating, and in the evening provides a refreshing and restorative power of action. Shower area, it is possible to obtain not only the spacious bathrooms, but in a small area of the bathroom.

Shower enclosures, most often, it is the original fence did not have a rear wall and top arch. The main components of the whole structure folds, wall area, the adoption of water treatments and drip tray to drain, protects the room from water spills. Led backlight successfully highlight the decorative elements in the bathroom and accentuate the area taking a shower.

Design DESIGO area

For the arrangement of DESIGO area requires a special hole in the floor designed to drain water into the sewer.

For making pallet use iron, steel, ceramics, acrylic or artificial stone.

The installation site of the shower area largely depends on the shape of the pan.

Models of shower enclosures

Models can be:

  • oval. Quite compact and more other small spaces;
  • round. The original form allows you to set the design in the center of the room and makes the shower stall, the main element of the design;
  • square and rectangular. Models take quite a lot of useful area, therefore more suitable for large bathrooms or bathrooms with toilets. Rectangular model fits easily in the recesses.

Choose the pallet

The size and height of pallet choose individually:

  • shower high tray can be used not only as a basin for washing clothes, but also as a small tub for bathing the baby.
  • low pallets have a low Board, is located almost on the same level with the floor. This model is most suitable for the elderly. In addition to convenience, low pallets create the bathroom unique ease of space and complement all bathroom interior.
  • the most elegant look of shower enclosures do not have pan. The walls of the area are established on the bathroom floor, which features a drain for water. The floor of the booth is laid out of floor ceramic tiles or mosaics and decorated with various patterns or ornaments. The advantages of such a device is quite obvious. First, it is small the weight of the structure, and the ability to produce a model for his own project.

Types of fencing

Fence in area for the shower consist of monolithic walls and installed the doors open. Hinged or sliding shutters do not allow sprinkling of water and keep inside the shower enclosure, comfortable temperature.

The doors are made of special frosted or tinted glass, and the walls in the booth can be set from wood, stone or polymers.

The modern design of the shower area lets you feel the bathroom is the most convenient and comfortable.

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