Ship’s bell — what is it?

Ship's bell — what is it?

Ship’s bell — what is it? To be precise, the «bell» is the sound of ship’s bell, which beat off noon. But this name was firmly entrenched by the bell. Previously, he was a mandatory attribute of any vessel or craft using bells tolled time intervals, signaled the construction of the lifting anchor or of impending danger. For each event — your type of sound. This helped Herald in a dense fog, and even imagine life without him, the ship is not equipped with modern means of communication — is virtually impossible.

Ship's bell — what is it?

The sailors followed carefully for the appearance of the ship’s bell and the way it shone, it was possible to judge the accuracy of the whole team. And Shine she was no worse than a bald spot at the boatswain, joked the old seamen. Today, the ship bell is more of a tradition. But at the present time, if you have the bell appears on the ship, it stays with him forever, even if the ship rekonstruiruet or changes its name. This Maritime tradition. And bell has expanded its boundaries and today it can be found not only on the ship. The bell for the interior, especially in the ship style is very effective accessory that can set the tone for the entire room.

Moreover, this attribute of the Navy established the role of spectacular gift for men who have the sea or life act like captains. For children’s rooms young brats — a great attribute. Really don’t want some kid to beat a couple of glasses? And adults are unlikely to be able to resist such temptation. Who knows, maybe your house will fixate tradition to call home for supper using the ship’s bell? In this wild and fun party with contests, fun starts — she, too, has its place. In photo shoots in a marine style — she simply has to be. Yes there is! If your mood drops below the waterline — safely pull the rope of the ship’s bell, let it ring, clearing the space around you, as well as any ringing.

So the choice is yours — or bell modern element of the art of interior decoration, themed gift, a talisman or Herald. And for us — a huge range of ship bells. Large and small, made of bronze and brass, table and wall-mount in the form of a bracket or chain, souvenir and present. Choose an interior bell or boats in the shop «Copyafter» easy — offers detailed descriptions, video reviews, and convenient catalog quick order processing and shipping!

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