Shingles and its outstanding quality

Shingles and its outstanding quality

Among the roofing products shingles stands out for its decorative and performance properties. It is relatively inexpensive and thus able to provide a noble view of the roof of the house. And technical characteristics of the material make you think in favor of his choice of the most demanding consumers.

Ease of installation of the shingles

If you’ve never engaged in installing roofing materials, may find this job very challenging and requires professionalism. Actually, shingles are easy to install, it requires no additional waterproofing and the use of some expensive equipment in the process of laying. Even the composition is initially applied by the manufacturer on the lower surface of the bituminous shingles. Since the product is completely ready for installation.

When laying the tile sheets securely glued together, forming a completely sealed coating with high water resistance, durability, frost resistance. Installation is performed on top of the base, made of durable and water-resistant plywood or regular OSB. The small size of the shingles, if necessary, you can cut them without fear of damage to the product. Even with no skills can perform the installation of such material on their own.

What makes shingles

Modern shingles are made of fiberglass (which, by the way, are reinforced bumpers of expensive cars) and modified bitumen. Additives to bitumen to make it resistant to low temperatures (retains its elasticity in the cold), to solar radiation. Like any material bitumen based, flexible tile is not exposed to damage by insects, fungi and resistant to corrosion. Additional protection from ultraviolet radiation and mechanical impact material gets through dressing in the form of rock dust. This roof can be moved freely in ordinary shoes without damaging the coating.

The range of colors and odds

Aesthetically shingles competes with natural calamoceratidae, simulating the color and texture. You can choose one from dozens of shades of tile or several to the design of the roof was original. Manufacturers offer products in original colors that mimic the natural textures – silvery frost, Golden river sand. Each individual piece of tile can be as monophonic, and with smooth transitions from one shade to another. This gives the roof an elegant look with volume effect. The entire range of shingles you will find on the website sam-dom/catalog/bitumnaya-cherepitsa.

The shape of the tile is diamond-shaped, rectangular, hexagonal, in the form of scales. Variety of products allows you to choose a good option to cover the roof of any configuration and architectural style. Using flexible tiles are made easy the surface of the domes, turrets, and Dormer Windows. Thus it is possible to maintain the smoothness and elegance of lines.

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