Shapes and sizes of Jacuzzi in bathroom

Shapes and sizes of Jacuzzi in bathroom

Ability to receive daily hydromassage, increases the vitality of man. At the end of the day a hot bath can eliminate fatigue and stress. However, the purchase and installation of such acquisition cost is not cheap. Therefore, the choice of model, configuration, size of the bath should be approached very carefully. We look at the most popular designs Jacuzzithat you can find on the market today.

Types of Jacuzzi

Nowadays, hot tubs can be installed even in the kitchen. There is a great variety of models and forms that will allow the owners of the apartment have a good rest. Homeowners in monolithic houses were more fortunate. Bathroom there is has sufficiently large dimensions that allows you to set a large Jacuzzi. In private homes the situation is very good, because the size of the bathroom allow you to put there a small mini-pools.

If you focus on the shape and size, the number of options is astonishing in its variety. Plumbing supply stores offer buyers a Jacuzzi tub rectangular, oval, triangular shape. At the same time can be different and their sizes. From 160h70 see, ending 210h100 cm hot tubs also seriously varies from 57 to 86 see In urban apartments experts recommend installing a Jacuzzi rectangular sizes. Go not fully succeed. But Spa treatments can be enjoyed in reclining or sitting.

Corner Spa bath

Many designers indicate that in urban apartments can safely install a corner Jacuzzi. They perfectly follow the curves of the body, increasing to the maximum the pleasure of massage. However, many models are equipped with two headrests, which gives the opportunity to take a bath for two people at once. Such comfort will be demanded from the spouses who will be able in the evening to be together during a pleasant massage.

For small apartments, you can choose tub size of 130×130. Due to its small size it fit easily in the bathroom. And although you can enjoy a massage have a half upright position, the level of relaxation will be much higher than in a normal tub. The price of the corner Jacuzzi is relatively low. So buy them can afford many owners of urban real estate.

Jacuzzi large size

The best benefits will be the owners of country houses. In the space of a bathroom you can install a Jacuzzi of different shapes and sizes. If the house the family lives, then it will be reasonable enough to install a hot tub for a few people. Then have a good rest of the evening together, having arranged with a small snack. If property owners are very fond of noise, then you should consider installing mini pools. There will easily fit 10 people, however, will need to consider the correct location of the massage jets. A place for the individual must repeat the curves of the body, and injector must be grouped into particular areas. The only way to achieve maximum effect during the massage.

While installing a Jacuzzi in an apartment building, special attention deserves the weight of the structure. By itself, the bath isn’t too heavy. Its weight rarely exceeds 200 lbs., However with additional equipment and filled with water, the total mass increases dramatically and can reach 500 kg. So before you make a purchase, you should consult with a specialist to learn all the characteristics of floor slabs in the house. Because of these characteristics some apartment owners cannot afford to realize the dream about installing a hot tub.

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