Shamballa bracelet — interesting facts

Shamballa bracelet - interesting facts

Shamballa bracelet today can be called a real fashion trend. Along with the fashion for yoga, Eastern philosophies and way of life in Vogue Oriental decorations, ornaments and clothing. One of the most common jewellery is Shamballa bracelet, who is credited with many magical properties, which will be discussed in this article.


For starters, let’s deal with the historical roots and name of this mysterious bracelet. In the theosophic teachings of the East with Shambalah called mysterious country hidden in the mountains of Tibet from the eyes of the uninitiated people. It is believed that it was created by enlightened (the Bodhisattva) survived nine thousand years after the Great flood. It is located somewhere on the border of Afghanistan, Tibet and India. Find it can only one who has attained inner harmony and peace of mind. Shambhala is surrounded by nine of the highest peaks of the Tibetan mountains, which symbolize the nine stones Shamballa bracelets.

Buddhist monks have practiced and practiced to this day a three-day meditation during which they retire, read the mantra, and tie 9 knots on a silk cord. The result is a bracelet that is called Nagaraja. Such a bracelet is able to protect from harm and frighten away evil spirits. Bracelet Nagaraja has great power when is given to a student from the teacher.

Later, Nagaraja steel bracelet to reinforce the different stones, which symbolize the 9 celestial bodies. For this approach only stones connected with the heavenly bodies: the Sun — ruby, Moon — Pearl, Mars — coral, mercury — Emerald, Venus — Diamond Jupiter Yellow sapphire Saturn Blue sapphire, Rahu — Hessonite, Ketu — Cat’s eye. Bracelet with stones is not just a talisman but he is also credited with the ability to improve the karma and influence on the fate of.

It bracelet Nagaraja considered to be the prototype of bracelets Shambhala. Today gemstones are often replaced with artificial, and bone beads with carved patterns and ornaments. Shamballa bracelets with stones of steel to do according to the matching colors of the stone and zodiac sign. For example, Cancer must wear blue and white Shamballa bracelet, lion – pink and all bright colors. For Aries, Gemini and Taurus will fit a green. A virgin can wear green, pink, blue and white color bracelet, Libra – pastel colors, green and blue. The Scorpion suit is red and all bright colors, Sagittarius, orange, blue, Capricorn – blue and green. Aquarius can wear white and blue, and Pisces – green, blue and blue. Regardless of horoscope, modern ladies often wear bracelets in the comfort of their compliance with his General color scheme of your outfit. You can often see on the arm two or more bracelet.

The popularity of the Shamballa bracelet has ensured simplicity of its creation and the fact that it is worn by many public figures. Scheme of weaving is so simple that it is sufficient to associate one and you will master this technique forever. Many stores, such as Atnakot offer a huge range of all necessary supplies needed to create the bracelet: beads, cords, accessories. Many people enjoy collecting these bracelets. You can try to make your own Shamballa bracelet, following the recommendations of the master class, which is shown below. Good luck!

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