Sewer installation — the basis for reliable sanitation

Sewer installation - the basis for reliable sanitation

The drift is the simplest way of organizing the sewer system, but it is applicable not always. The complex rocky or clay soil, too far location of the collector is too high the location of storage tank relative to the wastewater system make chance irrelevant. In such situations, effective removal of everyday dirt will allow you to organize sewage installation – plastic tank with a small pump inside that connects to the sewer system for forced drainage of contaminated water.

Sewer installation easy to install, convenient to use and maintain, almost silent. In addition to the pump inside the plastic container are the filter that prevents the spread of odour, sensor for pressure control and check valve, preventing reverse movement of wastewater from sewer pipes. As part of the installation, suitable for drainage of dirty water with solid fractions must include a crushing mechanism that eliminates the clogged drain.

Equipment, dimensions and options vary based on the characteristics and purpose of the installation. If some models can be successfully used for maintenance of any sewer system, other suitable only for installation in utility rooms, the kitchen, in the bathroom. Regardless of the type, to operate such a device requires connection to electricity.

Sewer installation easy and economical with auto-pumping water. The pump is activated only when the level of pollution reaches a certain level of pressure, and turns off when the sewage level returns to a minimum.

When selecting you need to pay attention to:

  • the volume of the receiving vessel;
  • the presence and power of the pump;
  • the presence of the cutting mechanisms;
  • simultaneously the pumped volume of the contaminants;
  • the number of input connections;
  • the presence of automatic functions.

Installed such devices is usually directly over the source of runoff between the pipe and the riser. If you want to create a spin-off from other sources use of bends or elbows.

The cost of sewer installations depends on the technical and design characteristics. But, in any case, it is not the only way of constructing the sewer where it is impossible to organize the course, but also a profitable option for organization of a modern and reliable sanitation in General.

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