Sewage in a private house

Sewage in a private house

Sewerage is one of the main problems in the construction and arrangement of a private home. Modern cottages have Central sewage, so residents are deprived of such problems. But what if Central sewer is not? Then you have to carry out installation offline.

Nowadays, Autonomous sewer for the house is of several types. One of the most popular septic tank. This method is economical and easy to install. Such pits can be built out of bricks, wood, and metal. Sometimes even used tires. What are the advantages of this type of sewer? First of all, the ease of installation. It is not necessary to resort to the services of specialists. It is simple enough a pit to build yourself. The second advantage of such holes prevent the pollution of the soil, which is very good, if there is a garden. Finally, this is the budget option of construction of the sewers. However, he has its disadvantages. Sometimes there is an unpleasant smell. If he feels strongly enough, then septic tank is not suitable and will have to choose another method of sanitation. Another negative – the cleaning of cesspools should be quite often, especially if the house is inhabited permanently.

A constant challenge machine sanitation can be inconvenient to the owner of a private house. Therefore, there is a more convenient way – the installation of a septic tank. Such structures are a container usually of plastic. These containers are not affected by external factors, so can serve long enough. Cumulative septic tanks are chosen based on the volume of water, so they are different. Their main advantage is that they do not require constant call this type of tanker. In addition, they are sealed. But it is still not entirely Autonomous sewer, because cleaning of the septic tank still need to implement.

If the owners want to get rid of the hassle with drainage, perfect Sewerage pumping station. There’s no need to call the car sanitation. In addition, these plants are compact and safety. If, however, it was decided to use this method, do not forget that to carry out the installation of such installations can only be a specialist. This installation has only one drawback – the majority of these units operate from electricity, so they are volatile.

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