Sewage in a private house on their own is really

Sewage in a private house on their own is really

Not so long ago, to live in the suburban area was quite uncomfortable: there was no running water and Sewerage. Had to specifically go outside to get water. Modern equipment (sewage) solves these problems and so cleans the water that is being discharged into the soil without harm to the nature.

The types of sewer systems

There is a set of equipment (storm sewers) that collects and removes excess water from the land resulting from precipitation. This system allows to cover the basement and formed puddles.

Another system (household) collects and removes the liquid used inside the house and removes it through pipes to treatment facilities(drainage pits, septic tanks). The withdrawal of waste fluid may be gravity fed or forced. Gravity output is due to the different height of the tubes, and forced – waste discharged by means of pumps.

The choice of sewage depends on the climatic conditions of the area, soil type, location of groundwater, frost penetration of the soil and the size of the plot.

The creation of the project

Before carrying out of Sewerage works required to make the project. This will allow correct and comfortable positioning of the sanitary-technical equipment, more efficient use of less square and create cesspools, which are the source of the odor.

If you have never had to deal with the plumbing creating a project better left to a professional but for yourself, leave the installation work.

Installation of stormwater systems

Installation for the collection and withdrawal of the liquid formed in the precipitation, should be collected separately. This water has not harmful substances (household chemicals) and can be used for technical or other necessary needs.

Assembly of equipment for rainwater liquid is not of great complexity. Important – place the stainless pipe (diameter 110 mm) with correct slope (about 10 mm in 2 m). The work begins with the digging of the trench that needs to be compacted. Pipe must be laid on a sand cushion, to the filling they are not deformed.

Then install the inlets, from which the effluent is discharged directly into the receiver. To waste water got into the inlet, you need to install the funnel, which is closed against ingress of any debris. Usually storm water is discharged into various water bodies.

Installation of domestic drainage

The installation of this system begins with the digging of the pit. Its depth depends on the size installed in the tank (septic tank), which should rise above the ground. On the bottom is placed a sand cushion, and the sides sprinkled with sand-dirt mixture. Laid in the ditch capacity must be filled with liquid, to avoid deformation, when the pit capacity will fall asleep.

When everything is ready, you must connect to the plumbing professionals. The toilet is connected via a pipe. (diameter 100 mm) and other appliances (sink, bath) – with a pipe diameter of 50 mm. of unpleasant odors in the room deprives the knee is attached at the output. It is a special water seal. From the house pipes is removed through a hole the size of 30 x 30 cm, so that the shrinkage of the house they are not destroyed.

Independent installation of the sewage system can be carried out on a small area. Otherwise it is better to involve professionals.

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