Sea prints in the interior of the apartment

Sea prints in the interior of the apartment

Sea prints in the interior of the apartment is now quite common. One of the most popular finish styles of home space is a sea. Its brightness, freshness, discretion is always in the trend. The special urgency such the interior is in warm time of the year when all you want is rest and some serenity.

To settle a piece of the sea at home is very easy; simply follow the main trends and characteristics of nautical style, including:

  • The palette of the sea. Connection beige, cream, sand, mustard and white shades with a rich range of blue and blue.
  • Special texture of the wall or floor. Finish that simulates the deck trim matches the overall theme of the floor design.
  • Marine prints. Can be used everything in one way or another connected with the marine style (coarse cantata rope, composition of the bulk shells, ikebana decorative corals, starfish, paintings of marine life, designer stained glass, and more). You can order there, where you are printing pictures and photos.
  • A bit of greenery. The vegetation in the Maritime style should be natural, it is very appropriate modern designs with the sign «EKO», in which the greenery is an integral part of the furniture.

In addition to the above points marine style provides innovative solutions. For example, very often designers use for interior real shingles – in addition to the spectacular appearance, it is a very durable material, easy to work with.

Plus, many specialists use in such registration the real attributes of the marine theme. So, old and shabby lifeline can make the interior more realistic, and restored marine lantern will bring the charm and romance.

Do not forget about the important stuff. Pillows with colorful pillow cases and a contrasting striped ceramic candle holders in the shape of a lighthouse, bookshelf from raw wood, seashells in transparent vases, miniature boats in bottles, shelving for books mimic the shape of boats, decorative wheels that adorn the walls, a restored paddle, a fishing net made of natural rope – all this and much more make the interior exclusive and unique.

You should be extremely careful and textiles. Better to use light coarse cloth with a pronounced texture, thick dark blue fabric, and curtains should be milky transparent without any patterns.

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