Safe removal of tattoos by laser

Methods of tattoo removal from the body

Safe removal of tattoos by laser is today one of the most effective methods. There are various ways to keep a tattoo from the body, but many of them can harm the health. A tattoo appeared on Earth long ago and carried a lot of meaning and value, and in the modern world people are trying to perpetuate on the body of the memorable events in your life to Express yourself or just be like a Christmas tree.

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Undoubtedly, tattoo art deserves attention, and sometimes even encouraged. This painstaking artistic work of wearable paintings, occasionally carries deeper meaning, but often only understands its owner. Bizarre and sometimes even scary stories on the body takes the people in your life a lot of trouble and lead to a decision to take out the tattoo from the body.

Tattoo is the application of the ink of the ink under the skin by puncturing, which thanks to the protective functions of the body, remains in the form of a deposited pattern and does not spread. This means that our body builds around toxic paints, protective barriers, so it does not spread further and there is a clear pattern. This kind of tattoo may last a lifetime and not to disturb the man, but sometimes life circumstances force people to reduce. It can be an ugly picture or blurred by time, circuit, cause each person has their own.

Here are the basic options of how to get rid of tattoos:

  • overlap or so-called camouflage (the method of «masking» the drawing of the tattoo by applying on top of a flesh colour). Disadvantage of the method is that the paint may not be exactly adjusted to match the body and may eventually disappear, revealing ugly old picture;
  • surgical or mechanical removal of tattoos, with which the body is literally cut off the top layer of the epidermis, leaving a scar on the body for life;
  • chemical method ( applying a tattoo to of potassium permanganate or soap with the purpose of burning the top layer of the epidermis). The procedure is painful and dangerous infection of the blood;
  • to reduce the laser tattoo, this tattoo light beam that discolor the ink pigment and breaks it into small particles which are then excreted by the lymphatic system. The laser method is considered the most safe and painless, and it completely eliminates tattoos.

In St.-Petersburg, street pea, d. 28 operates the clinic under the name «Laser Doctor», where skilled professionals for 5-8 sessions help to keep a tattoo from the body. At first the doctors tested for the presence of infections in the body in which the procedure prohibited. Then inspected the tattoo of the patient and put the timing of its information with the body. If You decide to remove the tattoo from the body, go to the website and read laserdoctor and information about center for aesthetic medicine. Usually people who have the whole body covered with tattoos, clearly understand that to build them it makes no sense, well, who did a small tattoo on a whim, could rectify the situation.

People are beautiful by nature, but if you still want to change with the help of tattoo, carefully consider your decision whether health is priceless, the controversial beauty that You are taking?

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