Russian cuisine, or the Royal feasts in Russia

Russian dishes are an endless variety of flavor, many of them have survived to the present day. Russian monarchs liked to organize sumptuous feasts for large numbers of guests than underlined his greatness.

Russian national cuisine and its features

Strict order of serving dishes, as on the Royal feasts, stand, example is a restaurant, karaoke Moscow. Royal feast traditionally started with cold appetizers, caviar, smoked, pickles, jelly. Then made the traditional Russian cuisine: meat and fish dishes, arranging this whole show. First, I made a roasted swans or peacocks, decorated with feathers, and then the dishes are cut into pieces which were given to feasting. After roasted «Royal» birds of the servants brought roasted on skewers carcasses of deer, boar, ROE deer or a huge sturgeon, belugas, starlady, pike and catfish, which made a tasty impression.


Also had culinary masterpieces, took pork carcass, half of which was cooked and the other half roasted, with stuffed poultry, fruits and spices. Fried foods were served lots of sauces, marinades and pickles. After the roast meat was time for hot soups, pottages, porridges and cakes, the variety of which no bounds. Only one soup was at least 25 species. Finished a feast of desserts prepared in various forms, with fruits and berries, dishes of nuts, sweet pastries, and overseas delicacies. From drinks poured kvass, juice, honey, beer, and wine. By the way, Russian honey was no less intoxicating than the wine overseas. At the Banquet for distinguished guests was considered to a Cup of wine or a dish from the king’s table. But if the food before that tasted the king or took a SIP from his Cup, it was a great honor.

In Russian cuisine has preserved much love for pickled mushrooms, white mushrooms, milk mushrooms, honey agarics, chanterelles, they are all barrels, stocking up for winter with them, baked pies and potatoes. Traditional Russian cuisine is not complete without a soup of fresh or sour cabbage, roots and meat. Pie, pie filling, meat, mushroom or vegetable and rastegai, the pie filling out, which is added meat, cheese or greens. All variety of the Russian cuisine, will offer a fine restaurant with live music in Moscow. One of the most popular snacks in Russia are pancakes, especially at the carnival. Pancakes with caviar or mushrooms, with jam or honey, is a popular Russian dish came from the ninth century. Russian cuisine is generous and rich, it will satisfy the most demanding gourmet.


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