Routes of automobile travel for all

Routes of automobile travel for all

Own car is good because for a fascinating journey on it, all you need to do is choose the direction, start the engine and move forward! Choosing different routes for automobile travel, you can be in picturesque places of our planet.

Route planning

The final itinerary is beginning to look a small dot on the map, but it soon turns out one of the exciting earthly worlds, visiting which, you can significantly expand your horizons. A small spot suddenly becomes a whole amazing universe, full of color and paints.

A car trip through the vast country can be impressive and varied, even if we choose the very simple and elegant route.

A wonderful view to the movement with their own transport will be, for example, Karelia. She will enchant invisible, but made unique Northern landscapes that represent the hills and tundra, beautiful forest and rocks and pines, lakes and waterfalls. Is to embark on a long journey for the sake of this unearthly beauty.

The simple route in these great edge runs through the Leningrad region. Drive out only a few hours by car. Residents of the capital, however, will have to get a few days, so it is important to thoroughly consider the place a comfortable overnight stays.

A great holiday with fishing and singing around the campfire in the nature with a guitar with friends and intimate conversations may well be a road trip to lake Seliger. Waking up in the morning, there is a chance to swim in its cool waters. And stomped up to his own silk tent in the grass wet with dew, to feel the ineffable grace. Some tourists even manage to relax in comfort, immediately erecting a Hiking bath, dining table and generator, completely streamlining your life in a beautiful tented camp. And in the evening tourists ride on the lake on an inflatable boat.

You can also go to neighboring Ukraine, where also many wonderful and beautiful monuments. Time to move can save using the plane, and already take advantage of such a service as car rental in Dnepropetrovsk. This option is widespread around the world and is slowly gaining popularity in the post-Soviet space.

The advantages of travelling by car

Moving on your own transport attracts a wide variety of features and benefits. If you want you can visit a number of cities, several resorts, rivers and beaches, traveling to the places where your heart desires, stopping to rest in campsites and hotels. For the automobile traveler, from all four corners of the world openly any direction. And on the way we will have plenty of chances to explore the local attractions.

Some are attracted by the grandeur of nature, the other bustling cities. Some prefer plain, others attract dangerous mountain routes. But each of the travelers, probably looking for something unusual, not similar to what was used in the grey everyday a series of days.

Budget plan your future trip by car will help you with the following video:


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