Roofing with metal roofing — pros and cons

Roofing with metal roofing - pros and cons 17

Roofing the roof metal tile is one of the most modern and popular methods, which combines practicality and aesthetics. However, one of the reasons for the popularity of metal roofing has become more and ability to enter into this type of roof.

In our world, in everything there is duality, so in any business there are advantages and disadvantages, the only difference in their relationship. The roof of metal has many advantages, chief among them is the usability of the material, which is not afraid of changes in temperature and destructive power of nature. Metal is light weight, one sheet weighs up to six pounds, which, during installation of the roof does not bring unnecessary trouble. A diverse selection of color and perfect appearance, add pluses of the material, and the exterior of the house a special charm. Quick installation in metal is possible because of the size of the sheet, the length of which can reach several meters. This greatly simplifies the installation of metal and reduces the time of coating, especially for professionals.

The complex shape of the roof can be a drawback when mounting, where it will be a lot of waste. Calculation of materials required for a specific roof shall be performed as carefully as possible, given the step of metal. Another disadvantage may be improperly placed insulation between the shingles and sheathing. For that, between them, built a special sound-absorbing substrate, which will reduce the level of noise during rain or hail. Qualitative and proportional to the sheathing of the roofwill help to avoid some of the problems with the final laying of metal. It is also important to know the angle of the roof, since too low an angle of inclination of the roof can be trapped moisture that may cause leakage of material, reducing the life. Also one should be concerned about waterproofing using modern paroizoljatsii membrane, is able to withdraw the condensate and once a year to check the fastening of the metal. If at the first stages of installation right to consider all the possible obstacles, the best metal to bring home comfort and practicality for a very long time.

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