Roofing shingles is a practical solution

Roofing shingles is a practical solution

Roofing shingles is a practical and effective solution. The roof is a protective barrier from the effects of atmospheric phenomena, as well as a design component in any home.

What is shingles?

One of the reliable and durable coatings today – shingles. It is most often used in roofing because of the ease of installation and flexibility for use on roofs of any complexity. It is quite durable and resistant material that makes it reliable and durable in use for roofs of all shapes and configurations.

The main component of this material is fiberglass, the surface of which is covered with stone granules of a different color, and the base is a bituminous adhesive layer that provides reliable waterproofing of the roof and provides reliable protection from effects of external conditions. Double waterproofing layer is created by applying (bonding) tiles with each other, resulting in excellent sound insulation and provides resistance to corrosion, rot, and fire resistant.

The process of installation of the shingles

Roofing shingles KATEPAL is a low-waste process. This coating material does not take care of themselves. It has an attractive appearance and can decorate even the most luxurious home.

The laying of the material is carried out by the specialized nails with long-skirted hat. This should take into account, the unevenness in height shall not be more than 3 mm installation of the bitumen tiles should start after appropriate preparatory work of the Foundation, which must be uniform, fixed, and stable; the process is carried out on a continuous sheathing moisture which must not exceed 20 %. Feeling the temperature drops and the humidity increases, the Board of the Foundation can expand, so it’s best to leave a gap of 3 mm size. then there is laying the membranes on top of which is precipitous strips with an overlap of 50 mm. in the Same way set the end of the bar. Installation of bitumen tiles begins with the installation of the cornice strips, enclosing the bottom edge about 5 cm above the lower row. For mounting material on the ridge uses ridge tiles, considering the fact that place it follows the slope length of the short side.

When the tile installation requires maintenance of temperature: it needs to be at least 5 °C, but best of all laying work should be carried out in dry weather, in warm time of the year.

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