Roofing materials — how to choose what you need

Still in the design stage you need to decide what is better to do the roof and choose the right roofing materials. The preferences of the owner, independent design calculations, and cost estimates for construction. What are the parameters to choose a roofing material? What should pay attention when buying a finished project or ordering an individual?

The main factors for roofing calculations are:

  • roof shape, the presence and number of rays, their angle of slope;
  • features of the roof system and the roof membrane – the presence, weight, number of supporting members, sheathing, insulation, waterproofing, insulation, skylights, etc.;
  • the number of roofing.

The architecture of the roof

The roofs are of three basic types: pitched (inclined planes – one — and-gable, hipped, gambrel, poluvalmovaya attic), flat and arched. For each calculated parameters of the truss system, taken into account a roofing material, its cutting and additional roofing elements. In addition, the roof needs a vent and drain valves, snegozaderzhateli, drain.

Bearing capacity

Properly designed and installed roof design is a combination of many elements, each of which has its own weight and purpose. The total weight of the roofing system can reach hundreds of pounds. The whole mass of the roof must be evenly distributed over the bearing elements for the stability and safe operation of the whole structure of the house. Architect and designer it is important to know the type and size of roof and types of roofing materials for the roof, which the customer has chosen. From these data will depend on the parameters of the Foundation and structural elements.

Wall materials

Sometimes, roofing materials for the roof can be selected the main material of the walls. For brick and concrete, with their high load bearing capacity, this can be a heavy natural tile, and a very warm aerated concrete of low density may want to choose a lighter material. Cement-sand tile, will withstand the aerated concrete density D400-D500 and higher (compare different concrete here).

Efficiency and materials of roofing

Because building a house is expensive, the question of economy on the roof, the actual. For mnogoskatnyh roofs are not suitable as cheap modern roofing materials, metal as waste when cutting can be up to 40% and also required additional measures for heat and sound insulation, lightning rod, security elements. The service life of the profiled material is 20-30 years. In terms of the cost of even ceramic tile with its «longevity» can be cheaper. So to save it is important to consider the purpose of its erection. Summer house in the country does not require a warm roof, but major winter home, a year where people will live, requires a more thorough approach, and attachments.

A flat roof is cheaper since there are no costs for the roof system, and the material can be rolled and inexpensive. More intricate shapes require more serious calculations and costly. So to start with the roof, you must choose to live has been securely and conveniently.

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