Roofing materials for home: features depends on the right choice

Roofing materials for house

Roofing materials for home play a huge role. When there was a popular song which was this line – «it is important weather in the house». To argue this makes no sense, if the ceiling dripping rain, falling snow or hail, at least it will be difficult to live, high dangerous. To prevent similar incidents, any building needs a solid roof, enclosed in a robust material.

Selection of high-quality roofing material and its subsequent installation completes all construction work. In addition, they protect the interior of the house from the raging elements is the final touch in creating a stylish look for the home.

How to choose a roofing material?

In the construction market there is a huge choice of roofing materials. There are products that produce domestic firms, there are goods from foreign companies. Like other building materials, quality roofing materials cheap you can only buy at wholesale prices. Thus, of the variety you need to choose the material that suits your home.

To determine the type of coverage, it will help the house project. Because of it will become clear which the roof of the house. Further, due to the simple calculations of the selected roofing system and roofing material. If the clone turned out the roof at least 30-35 degrees, then the roof is laid ceramic tile.

Much depends on what the load on the roof. Not only that, it will have to withstand all the things that she created, while the roof should not fail under the weight of snow in winter. To collapse the roof can, if you do not consider what a layer of snow may occur in winter time and strength of the wind in the region where the house is built.

What properties of roofing materials to consider?

Selected material based on such factors as service life and resistance to various harmful effects. Matter to roof structure, you select the material. If it’s a barn or a shed for storing garden tools, it is not necessary to look where the siding under the block house, to buy or to buy the most expensive coverage.

It is important to observe all the rules of installation and use, because it determines the warranty periods. Keep in mind that every material has his own. For example, manufacturers of soft tiles give 15 -20 years guarantee. It must respect the integrity of the roof. In many roofing materials warranties do not extend to color. To get rid of the warranty period due to improper transportation, mechanical damage.Properly chosen roofing material often lasts longer than the warranty period. The same soft tile will last without repair for about 30-50 years. Having carefully considered the entire range of roofing materials, you should choose carefully after weighing all the pros and cons. The installation of roofing is the finish of the entire building, when money remains very little. But do not save. To choose the appropriate coverage, you need to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of the proposed roofing materials.

Ceramic tile

For example, ceramic tiles have a property such as damping, can withstand cold and is not afraid of fire. But it weighs a lot, more material is fragile. As for cement-sand tiles, then it has more minuses than pluses. More weight than ceramic tiles, a high probability of damage during transportation plus high cost. On the background of the downsides of lost advantages in the form of hardiness and resistance to sun exposure.


Shingles are a great option when you want to give the roof a cunningness. The material is mounted at a different angle. The only condition is the presence of a lining of waterproofing materials.

Choosing roofing material, you should follow the Golden mean «price-quality», not to buy flashy advertising lesser-known companies. On the market there are a lot of affordable, but well-established roofing materials.

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