Roof with their hands: deal with slant

Roof with their hands: deal with slant

The house, built with his own hands, the dream will become a reality when the Foundation of already erected walls, beams and slabs in their places. It remains the case for small – to make the roof. Only the baby does not know what is this design for protection from rain and wind, retains warmth and allows you to feel safe.

  Roof with their hands understand with a slope of 3

To build the roof is not so easy, but if you have Golden hands and assistants ready to spend with you all free time, you can take up the case. The main thing is to determine the slope and how many layers of insulation you plan to put on the rafters. The slope of the speech special. As not necessary to calculate the required amount of material for roofing pie to sleep does not give the idea that it eventually is not enough.

Bias you no longer a hindrance

Do not swallow the sleeping pills: the bias will no longer torment you at night when you will learn the types of roofs and a program that calculates the amount of material for packing.

  1. Under flat roof design is understood to be 25 degrees, so that the artificial material in the form of metal calculate without problems.
  2. The main thing is to specify the correct data on one of the sites of the Internet, if you drive in a search line the phrase: «to Calculate the amount of consumables on the roof» and follow the link. A special program with a small error will give the corresponding figures. Now I can make a list and go to the store or to the market.
  3. The pitched roof has a slope of 30 degrees or more. The greater the slope, the flow rate of the material above. Don’t believe? Substitute the new values and see for yourself.

Roof with their hands understand with a slope of 1

The slope of the roof depends on the roofing material and geographic region

The amount of material for the roof affects not only the slope but also the diameter of the roofing material in conjunction with the geography of the region of residence. If storm warning weather Bureau follow one another, and the wind got lost in your neighborhood, the roof pitch shall not be less than 45 degrees. Put a flat roof will be left without a cozy nest.

However, in the more favorable regions of the slate can be laid on the plane of 22 degrees. Tile design is quite a rise in 20. It is not necessary to empty your wallet in temperate latitudes. Remember, the price of consumables grows exponentially if the slope increases with each degree from tridtsatimetrovoy mark.

Roof with their hands understand that slant 4

Elements of design roofing

It is no secret that the truss system supports the roof of the pie and the roof. Its stiffness depends on the number and size of struts, puffs and narrativemag material. The design further includes, in addition to sheathing, struts and mauerlat.

Roofing pie includes in its composition:

  • several layers of vapor barrier;
  • the layer of insulating material;
  • waterproofing film;
  • contrace;
  • it was a roofing (karmacharya, slate, metal and so on).

If to carry out all works strictly according to instructions, then load up to 250 kg per square meter, the rafters will withstand. Even additional weight, which was the result of heavy snowfall, will not be a problem for home owners. Properly installed roof is your guarantee of security.

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