Roof sandwich panel — a modern roofing material

Roof sandwich panel - a modern roofing material

During the construction of capital building roof you need to use at least two obligatory components – roofing and insulation. Simpler and more modern version, which came to replace the outdated decision – layered roof sandwich panels, which simultaneously serve as insulation and the roof deck. They are characterized by good strength, considerable durability, high speed and ease of installation, low weight and excellent thermal insulation parameters.

What is a roof sandwich panel?

Sandwich panel for roofing has gained popularity in our country not so long ago, the first time they have begun to use the Canadians in their homeland pre-fabricated technology, including the use of similar solutions, operated already for two decades in a row. In terms of structure roof sandwich panel are very similar to the multilayer wall panel. The structure is a layered cake with a reliable hard steel, filled with high quality insulation. Steel sheets constituting the outer shell have a polymer coating that protects them from corrosion. They are glued to the inside layer of insulator, which acts as polystyrene, basalt wool, polyurethane foam, mineral fiber. If you want to learn about sandwich panels in more detail see the links.

The types of sandwich panels for roofing

Roof sandwich panels are available in a wide range of colors that allows to choose the optimal color of the roof, fits the style and architectural features of the building. The color of the panels depends on the color external polymer coating that protects the steel deck is not only rust, but also from the action of ultraviolet rays. Most of these solutions find application in the construction of gable and flat roofs. The panels are fixed to the rafters using galvanized screws. The joints are covered by a special locking compound on the ends of the blocks. Thereby minimizing the area of the seams and reduces the level of heat loss in the cold season.

The advantages of roof sandwich panels

The lightness of the roof panels is a huge plus. It not only facilitates transport and lifting material, but also can significantly reduce the load on the Foundation of the building, as well as to reduce installation time. Due to the fact that the blocks already contain within themselves the heater, there is no need to conclude a separate insulation layer. These and other advantages have made sandwich panels for roofing wide popular material, is increasingly used in housing construction and at construction of commercial buildings.

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