Roof for gazebos

Roof for gazebos

Light garden structures, called Bowers, attractive primarily for its roof, which is used in their construction. If the coating is chosen with taste, it will provide the ease of the whole structure. Roof for gazebos usually comes in last, after all other works relating to the extension. How better to create, will be discussed in this article.

The roofmust surely be beautiful, but it is also important to consider the following:

  • It is better to choose light roofing material, which does not require amplification of the carrier frame.
  • You need to strive to choose the right angle. With a large slope of the roof will need to protect from the wind, using special elements. And if the tilt angle is small and the roof is flat, you will have to strengthen its frame.
  • Roofing material is best to handle special water-repellent composition or construction use water-resistant materials.
  • The pavilion design (walls, Windows for the gazebo and its roof) must comply with the landscape style in which you designed and planned the entire suburban area.

If the gazebo has a square shape, simplest roofing designs are lean-to and gable. A little more complex hipped roofhave four of the slope, two of which are in the form of trapezoids, and the other two are triangular in shape. Such roofs are used for gazebos, have a polyhedral form. Particularly interesting are designs in the form of a dome or tent, which have four triangular ramp. Such as a horse. Instead, at the point of intersection of slopes is a ridge node.

Protective coatings for roof garden buildings are usually traditional roofing materials. Which one to choose — it depends on the type of roof and the economic feasibility of this type of roofing material. The sheet material of the roof, for example, it is better to apply on inclined structures, as it is not suitable for a gambrel, hipped and multi-faceted roofs, because when working with sheet material is a lot of waste. Quite often the roof using the shingle (small wooden plank). The roof is collected from such boards looks great on tent structures, which are made in Oriental style. Looks good and a normal metal. But we should not forget that it creates a lot of noise during rain and that at its conclusion there are significant losses.

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