Romanian creative design Studio Carioca

Romanian creative design Studio Carioca

Romanian design Studio Carioca is based in the capital, Bucharest. These rebatet doing their own work at such a high professional level that they can be safely put in one row with such MONTSAME as Platinum FMD and Remix Studio Bangkok. Proved itself in the market of design services, Studio art design Carioca could get the contracts on cooperation with leading companies in the country, as well as many multinational corporations such as: Sony, Mercedes, Renault, WWF, Hyundai, Nestle, Danone, Honda, Orange, Mars, Yamaha, Vodafone and Toyota.

Graphic design Studio Sagazone trust their work to third parties. They deal not only with retouching and special effects on photos but also take on production processes such as: location, casting, make-up and hairstyle of models, wardrobe, transport, accommodation, special decoration and design, sculpture and more. Cooperating with many professional photographers from around the world who are always happy to work on new projects.

Looking at the prints created in the design Studio Carioca, it is difficult to isolate one particular visual style. The only thing that unites their work is the existence of the concept and clearly visible advertising message. Their work can safely print to the printer and hang on the wall as posters. Bright, colorful and not deprived of a convoluted plot, they are interesting to look at the interior high-tech style and postmodern.

Employees of the Studio Carioca jokingly called himself a «machine visualization». For them the main thing is the successful joint work and careful attention to all, even the smallest detail.

may affect the final visual image.

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