Riding on the boats in Saint-Petersburg

Riding on the boats in Saint-Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is a huge city that has everything, including entertainment. However, often residents of St. Petersburg replaces these fun — riding on ships. They Petersburgers hold business meetings and family dinners, conduct weddings and celebrate her birthday, celebrate the birthdays of their family members. In one case it is only necessary to buy a ticket, and in the second you need to book a ship and spend an exciting training.

What attracts residents of the Northern capital rental boats and cruises along the canals of St. Petersburg? The answer is clear – that there are no traffic jams, dust, bustle and proximity to the beautiful, still swims on the boat from all sides:

  1. The history of his country, which is expressed in the architecture;
  2. The progress of technology;
  3. Magnificent scenery, painted by nature. It is very unlikely that any restaurant or bar, which is located outside the city will be able to please such wonderful opportunities.

Large cities, including St. Petersburg, thanks to the Internet, are getting closer. For example, the company «Samson» gives its customers the possibility of booking the ship via the Internet. You need only visit the company’s website, choose the boatyou like and book it on a specific number. And everything else (a private view, the signing of the contract and payment) it is possible to make only a single trip to the office, as it is very close to the mooring of some vessels. St. Petersburg fleet has in stock a large variety of passenger ships.

Courts differ:

  1. Class: you can select economy class, premium class, luxury and super luxury class.
  2. Capacity: there are boats that can accommodate up to thirty to seventy to one hundred and fifty over a hundred and fifty passengers. Usually, the ship rent to the wedding happening to such courts.
  3. On: allocate panoramic, exclusive and cruise ships.Of course, every time there is a way to find the ship, which will be in accordance with your wishes and, of course, your income as the lowest cost of renting a motor ship is five thousand rubles per hour. And the smallest travel time on the boat – three hours, including entrance and exit. Also, almost every fleet has a very modern vessels equipped with advanced technology. Inside such a ship is very comfortable and stylish interior. But do not forget about the cost: rent of the boat will cost about fifteen times more expensive than usual. Relax and travel with pleasure!
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