Review of the air conditioning without duct Vektor

Review of the air conditioning without duct Vektor

In the winter, have a little think about how to protect yourself from the stifling summer heat. That is why the highest level of sales of air conditioners accounted for the hot summer months but, following the advice of the old Russian proverb «prepare sledge in the summer», it is better to buy in the winter when demand and prices are much lower than in season. In this article you will learn about the conditioning, without air duct, which does not require installation.

Review of the air conditioning without duct Vektor 2

On cold winter days with joy think about summer, sun, sea and hot sand, not even remembering that a large part of the summer days and nights accompanied by terrible heat and become cooler. Today many have set up home and office areas air conditioning through companies like nvg/ustanovki/, but most of the villas and country houses remains devoid of this miracle of technology. A friend of mine for a long time suffered from the heat at his dacha, not daring to install air conditioning for the reason that the cottage is not protected and it gets there only on the weekends. Salvation for him was a portable air conditioner without ductwork.

Air conditioning is small and easily fits in the trunk of the car. Now he takes his air conditioning without air duct with him every time goes to the country, and takes him home when he returns. It requires no work on the installation. All that is necessary for normal operation, this air conditioner is electricity and clean tap water. It works by using the effect of phase and cools the air, passing it through a water filter. With its help you can quickly and effectively cool a room with an area up to 25 m2. One such device is enough for the whole country house!

Review of the air conditioning without duct Vektor 3

Interestingly, the mobile air conditioning without air duct, unlike their stationary counterparts, is not afraid of drafts and air currents from the street. It can be installed both in open and in closed room. Besides, the air is cooled in this conditioner, not so dry and does not require additional moisture. In my opinion, it is certainly a positive quality, because you will not be deprived of fresh air, which is certainly positive for your health.

In short, the air conditioner without the air duct is the perfect solution for all who have not got a split system.

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