Red stretch ceilings in the interior of the apartment

Red stretch ceilings in the interior of the apartment 6

Modern designer solutions sometimes amaze with their uniqueness and originality. They are created with the expectation that the apartment will be to live a creative and unconventional people, who will be able to appreciate their merits. Often, the main element of such coatings are the ceilings. The vastness of their options, the opportunity to create incredible combinations.

Demand and red stretch ceilings in the interior of the apartment. Of course, not all of it is necessary for the soul, but a lot of fans of this eccentric treatment.

How the color red affects a person

Psychologists say that red stimulates the inner resources of the person. Only this color is stimulating, gives a strong impetus to active time.

All these qualities are often used by designers in creating the interior entertainment options. For example, a very good many shades of red show themselves on the ceiling in a nightclub, restaurant or hotel. But, at least it is in the design of the apartment.

Where red will look good?

Amazing such type tension coatingas fabric and film, will look in the living room. Here usually creates a more active atmosphere designed for socializing and leisure activities. Often created the interiors with gloss red coating. It can be combined with white or beige tones.

Generally, the red color becomes part and multi-level suspended ceilings. You can see it component of the curvilinear compositions, with bright spotlights and stunning patterns.

Looks good Burgundy or red fabric options in the kitchen. Here he will give you the opportunity to Wake people up every morning, fill you with power and energy better than any coffee. By the way, this shade can be reflected in the kitchen furniture or even art.

Where is the best red ceilings not to use?

It is better not to use such tones, according to doctors and psychologists, in the bedroom or nursery. Of course, part of the small drawings they may become. But the main background is red.

In the bedroom, this color will not properly relax and sleep. And in the nursery will affect the baby exciting, because of what he will long to sleep, to behave aggressively.

To order the installation of stretch ceiling in Moscow, the company Timeling.

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