Real estate investment — quick facts

Real estate investment - quick facts

Business analysts believe that real estate investment is one of the most reliable and profitable. So if you have a free amount of money that you don’t know how to use it invest in this asset class.

What is investment property

Investment property are transactions with apartments, houses and non-residential premises for the purpose of receiving income. Most likely, they purchased either for resale, or for lease.

Consider the operations of residential real estate, as they are the most common and, according to experts, the most profitable.

The types and purpose of investment

If you want to invest in real estate, it is most profitable to do it at the construction stage, as the price after delivery increased significantly. In this case, investment income is reduced.

Also much cheaper to buy not one, but two or more apartments. It should be noted that the earnings yield of the standard apartments (1, 2-and 3-bedroom), and not luxury apartments.

With the purpose of investing is not buy housing on the secondary market. Its value is not too different from the new, and the costs of repairs and improvement of the apartments may not justify the investment.

Investment objectives

There are 2 versions of income:

  1. lease;
  2. resale.

The apartments seems to be the most profitable option. However, it is not difficult to find a buyer.

Rent – a faster way to make «work» property, but the money invested does not pay off so quickly. In addition, the need to hire realtors, to recover the monthly payment, to monitor the condition of the apartment. If housing more than one, then you can hire someone to manage the current business. Once again, that the rental income will be higher if you take 2 or more apartments. If one, then the profit will be minimal.

Benefits of real estate investment

Money invested in real estate, always, sooner or later, you can return. Despite all the crises of recent years, it is, as evidenced by the analyst, only more expensive. In addition, buying property is a way to save and protect their money from depreciation. But this process is inevitable.

In spite of this, a way of saving money is more secure than storing them in the Bank. First, the interest on deposits is incomparably small, and secondly, they do not cover the inflation rate. So if you have the means, invest wisely.

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