Rattan furniture in interfere your home

Rattan furniture in interfere your home

Rattan furniture in interior of your home will be a wonderful decoration and a good investment of money. Wicker furniture from Indonesia rattan in addition to its attractive appearance has an extremely high resistance to impact of external factors such as moisture and sunlight, resulting in a service life several times greater than competitors made of metal or wood. In this article we will talk about why wicker outdoor furniture is exactly what you should buy for garden and vnutrennego finish of any home.

Beautiful wicker rattan furniture has long been used only for use in the yard or garden. Today, the fashion for eco style changed the traditional habits and the furniture made from natural rattan migrated into homes and apartments. Beautiful set of rattan furniture because of its beautiful texture and fluid lines can decorate the interior in such styles as classic, eclectic, vintage, Provence, Chalet, country. Some models with a predominance of straight lines and correct form, you can add even in the interior style of minimalism or hi-tech. Especially important will look furniture set of rattan in the interior eco-style, which uses a lot of live plants and natural materials.

Rattan or Spanish cane grows in tropical forests of Southeast Asia. This is one of the longest plants in the world the length of the stems which can reach up to 300 meters. Its wood has a layer structure. For furniture used solid core, but made of bark mats and mats. The middle layer has a porous structure and never used. Solid core rattan is able to change its properties and easy to bend after steaming. When dry it retains its shape and becomes rigid again. These qualities have long been known to the inhabitants of Southeast Asia for which the manufacturing of wicker furniture was commonplace.

Wicker furniture in the interior and on the street does not require special care. It is enough to wipe with a damp cloth or vacuumed to bring back the original elegant look. Heavy soiling easily removed by ordinary detergents. This high practicality of rattan furniture also contributed to the growth of its popularity.

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