Quartz stone – sophistication and elegance

Quartz stone – sophistication and elegance

Looking through fashion magazines on architecture and design, we can find a unique combination of stone in the interior and decoration of residential spaces. The last few decades , quartz stone ranks first in popularity for home decoration.

Stone in the modern interior

This kind of construction material used by humankind for thousands of years. Indoors it is perfectly combined with glass, wood, concrete, decorative plaster. The attractiveness of the stone from year to year is growing, gaining new fans in different parts of the world.

They decorate walls, stone fireplaces, floors make, decorate kitchen and bathroom, decorated hall. For this purpose you can use various options of stone, granite, marble, travertine, pebble, stone, artificial decorative stone, acrylic and quartz agglomerate.

It is remarkable that the quartz stone looks good in a variety of interior styles and trends, combined with any version of furniture.

Quartz artificial stone – what is it?

This material is made of crushed quartz with the addition of the resin and the colorant. Quartz artificial stone , along with granite, marble, serpentine and travertine is an elegant option for decorating inside the house.

They not only decorate your living space, but also make a variety of pieces of furniture: racks, countertops, sinks, stairs, windowsills, shelves, kitchen Islands. With each passing day, expanding the scope of material. Thanks to increased durability, they veneer facades of buildings, decorate the stage, adorn the walls of the interior, which gives them more elegance and nobility.

Excellent performance quartz stone have proven themselves in products that are installed on the kitchen and bathroom: countertops, sinks and washbasins – they will decorate these areas of the house.

Worktop made of quartz stone will become a magnet for your family and guests. If you often use this kind of furniture not only preserve their quality and appearance. On a scale of strength, this material has the highest score, it cannot be scratched with a knife, he is not afraid of cracks and chips, as well as temperature changes, fading under UV rays. All this means that quartz piece of furniture will retain its appearance for years to come.

It is worth to mention antibacterial properties of artificial agglomerate. Easy to care for them and to keep clean (for these purposes, it is sufficient to use ordinary household cleaning products scouring pads), and cleaning takes a few minutes.

The last is beauty all products made from quartz stone. The texture of the material and various color palette to satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding customer.

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